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Differences between 90’s Kids and Millennial kids: Then and Now!

Differences between 90’s Kids and Millennial kids: Then and Now!

90’s was a long time ago. We say this witnessing the number of drastic changes that have happened since. Technological boom has shifted the entire landscape. Some things that were unimaginable in the 90’s, exist now and we use them on a daily basis.
However, every now and then, the nostalgia of all the things in the past hits us and us reminiscence. We see our kids and often compare it to when we were their age. The items they are accustomed to and are growing up with are vastly different from our own essentials.

Here are some difference between 90’s kids and millennial kids that will make you nostalgic:

  • Landline vs Mobile phone:

One of the major changes is that 90’s kids had a huge telephone in the house while millennial kids now have mobile phones. 90’s kids grew up with one telephone in the house that could not be moved and were used by everyone. Millennial kids have their personal cellular phones that often is kept away from other people’s access. Well hello! Passwords!

  • Notebooks vs Digital Notebooks/Laptops:

90’s was a time we all wrote on notebooks with coloured pens. Now, we don’t write, we type. Technology has gone so far that we don’t even draw on paper. We draw digital tablets. So when we see out kids typing assignment on their laptops we tend to think about the times when class work notebooks and homework notebooks were a thing.

  • iPad vs a Pacifier

In the 90’s, pacifiers were used to soothe a crying baby. It made them silent and kept them occupied. Kids today have more advanced needs. They need YouTube channels and iPad games to be comforted. Good Times!

  • Hilary Duff vs Kylie Jenner

If you are a 90’s kid, you cannot forget the obsession we had with Lizzie McGuire played by Hilary Duff. Disney channel was a rage and Hilary Duff, kids and teenage icon. Millennial kids have different icons and trust me, they aren’t from Disney. They are from Instagram. Kylie Jenner is the new Hilary Duff! Well, not really, but you know what I mean.


  • Orkut vs Instagram 

Instagram is God for the millennial kids. 90’s kids are familiar with this feeling. They had Orkut. The thrill of communicating virtually on a big desktop and getting “scarps” was as good as the thrill of increasing followers.

  • Toys vs PlayStation 

Who can forget the kitchen sets and dollhouses we had like 90’s kids. Millennials, however, have a digital replacement for toys. The PlayStation is every millennial kids’ need nowadays. Not judging, it has some pretty amazing games, to be honest.

Tell us more differences between 90’s kids and millennial kids! WE ARE WAITING!