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Disciplining Your Children Without Losing Your Cool

disciple your children
disciple your children

How many times in a day does it happen that you have just completed your chores and your tiny tot suddenly decides to turn the house upside down?

Many times it happens that every single bone in your body is aching and when you are just about to lie down, your little one demands that you run around the house with him. These are all the joys of motherhood, when you turn back and see, you generally laugh at these memories but at that particular moment, you certainly lose your cool.

Yes, motherhood does bring a lot of changes in our body, which in turn affects our health and temper to add on we all automatically become victims of Supernatural expectations by the society. Everyone expects us to raise perfect children and claim to be expert in parenting but refuse to accept that every child is not perfect. Discipline is something that you learn over a period of time and not overnight.

disciple your children
disciple your children

Hereunder are a few ways to Discipline your Children without losing your cool:-

  1. Don’t set unrealistic expectations – These days, many a times parents are setting unrealistic expectations for children. Courtesy: the reality TV. Not every child needs to be an expert in every Art or Sport. It is more important that you first give enough freedom to your child and let them enjoy their childhood. Creating unrealistic expectations and forcing them on your child, will create clashes. Following which, child will deliberately misbehave and any attempts at bringing discipline will vanish away.
  2. Stop getting influenced by others – “My son was never like that, my daughter never back answered like your child does”. These are some of the common statements and comments that moms often hear. Yes, different people will have different opinions but that does not mean that you need to be harsh on your child. If your child is behaving in a particular way that is because he needs something. These days children are hyperactive, aware and more energetic and admit it we are getting old. Many times we often misunderstand curiosity as mischief. Ignore others and trust your own judgment.
  3. Love your child – To discipline your child, it is utmost important to love your child unconditionally. Make them so comfortable in your loving cocoon that your word is the law for them. If a child feels neglected he is more often bound to misbehave.
  4. Make them understand – These days children are maturing faster than we did. If you just sit down and make them understand calmly and patiently their flaws, instead of losing your calm, when they misbehave it will help.
  5. Sit and do an activity together – Setting a routine with your child and regularly doing an activity together will help you form a stronger bond. The benefit of doing an activity is that it helps in building trust and discipline, without being harsh on them. An activity has to be something that your child enjoys.
disciple your children
disciple your children