A human being is a social animal, even an ape was not alone. Every man seeks a company to complete himself: physical and emotional.

Our life has three different stages-

childhood, adolescence and old age.
Childhood is accompanied by parents. No worries of feeding and earning, all easily available. Adolescence accompanied by stress, worries and difficult phases of life. It’s a stage where a man struggles to establish everything he can. Emotions here have no place; they are momentary. A mature stage is of old age. It’s a phase where man is settled in every means of life. He has seen all the colours of the rainbow with the pain of struggle and satisfaction.
Not everyone has everything written in their destiny. As the saying goes; not every man is born with silver spoon.

Marriage is considered to be mandatory. It is the sacred vow in presence of Almighty.

It is the union of two beings and unison of souls.
After marriage comes expectation to have offsprings and make a family.
But sometimes happiness also chooses a few.
Not every marriage is successful. Life comprises of two sides of a coin: negative and positive. Certainly, there are differences of human nature and habits. But sometimes a rupture is wide enough to create a rift.
Sometimes a loss is so irreplaceable and irreparable, a man cannot overcome.
To explain a loss, ask a mother who had a rainbow baby or a family who lost a parent. Such is the definition of “ divorce “. In an easier language, it means the dissolution of a marriage. Hence the word “ without a solution “.

Emotional perspective, a person faces disappointments and loss of confidence to trust anyone again.

In perspective of finances, there are rounds of visits to courts and lawyers to settle an unsettled matter.
On a deeper thought, a child suffers more from a divorce. The child feels separated from both the parents. Children from such families have persistent behavioural and emotional problems.
They are emotionally insecure, disorders in personality and a complexity of abandonment. Their minds are naive, easily affected by events around them.

Such behaviours are not easily accepted by society. Thus, resulting in painful memories.
But if the coin is flipped, such a diversity can be accepted positively.

A life-changing event can put people through some tough times. At this moment they can discover about their strengths and skills to cope the disturbing situations.
Divorce is a journey, where children are not happy participants but forced riders, on the road, their parents decide to travel.