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Does Your Child Only Eat While Watching TV?

Does Your Child Only Eat While Watching TV?
“Have You Ever Wondered the Impact of TV Watching on Your Child’s Nutrition and Eating Habits?”
“Is your child besotted with two timing their meals and uncontrollable cravings to sit and continue watching his favorite superhero series, Star wars marathon or one after another Anime on loops?”

It’s a popular American lifestyle that seems to have ingrained in our psyche too. I still can’t imagine to eat without watching TV. It happens so instinctively now that we can’t exclude this out of our lifestyle. So, are our kids. But it’s not really a good habit for your kids’ overall growth and development. It’s better to make them realize that the mealtime should better be preserved for family interactions only. In a research study, it was closely observed that children shouldn’t be even allowed to snack and munch in front of TV.
“Do you know that chances of obesity in such kids who are obsessed with watching tv and snacking, eating and munching all the time in front of it are always too high as compared to the ones who regulate their timings?”

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Today’s kids are too much into binge watching. They can’t ingest even water without their Netflix series. They don’t get to realize that TV interferes with the natural cues children’s bodies send to them about whether they are full, or they need to eat more.

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This tendency actually leads them to remain undereaten or overeaten. They fail to regulate or control their dietary intakes. It’s vital that kids’ thinking membranes are in sync with the signals their body emits, especially while eating. They must learn to pay attention to how their body is communicating its needs to them.
About 16% of US children are overweight, an increase of 45% in 10 years. This data is taken from the National Centre for Health Statistics.
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You as a Parent Can Attempt to do Following Things in Order to Ensure a Screen-Free Mealtime For Your Kids.
• Feel too concerned about inability of your kids to not eat even a bite without their favourite companion, TV OR NETFLIX. Then, form rules for controlling their excessive tv watching habit. You can set rules for them and encourage them to adhere to those rules.
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  •  Lure them with a gift or a surprise on following the rules religiously. Stand true to your promises and reward them whenever it is required.

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• Kids are less likely to rebel and push your limits if you clearly and thoroughly outline all the legible reasons for reducing their screen time and how it is going to be beneficial for them in the longer run.
• Let them know the benefits of putting familial values and interactions on higher plane and why it’s so important in your family to prioritize exclusive family time. Be specific about when they need to cut back on their screen-time.
• You can also keep screens out of sight. It’s better to keep the screens covered. Kids feel tempted to watch it otherwise. They can’t keep control on themselves. Especially prevent putting tv and any access to Netflix in your dining hall. Instil In them this habit to only eat and snack in the dining area without tv on.
• You can preferably go on fun outings whenever it’s possible or simply allow your kids’ wandering soul to explore as many outdoor games as possible.

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Introduce them with the magical world of books. Encourage them to make new friends and try DIY at home in their free time. The more time they will spend away from tv, more their dependence and cravings to watch TV will get reduced. And it is likely to have an impact on their uncontrollable impulses to watch TV while eating too. And it is likely to be positive.

Does your child only eat while watching TV ?
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Try all These Tips and Tricks and Let us Know Which One Worked for You and Your Kids. Have a Happy Family Time Together.