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Easy Ways To Introduce Maths To Your Toddler

Easy Ways To Introduce Maths To Your Toddler

Maths is a subject you either love or hate. Many of us sailed through our school years with Maths as our best friend; while others (like me) struggled with it. When my daughter was born, one of the first thing’s I told my husband was that he would be the one teaching her Maths!

The good news is that Maths doesn’t necessarily have to be an insurmountable problem. The trick is to make it fun and introduce it early so that your children grasp it better and don’t look upon it with dread.

Learning Maths begins with your child knowing the numbers. Teach her the 0-9 numbers first so that combinations will be easier to fathom. In order to do this you can use everyday objects from in and around the house- one potato, one towel, etc. When you are in the car, point out things and ask your child to count- 2 cows, 4 trees or 5 cars. This will sharpen her skill of looking at objects and determining how many there are.


Once this step has been mastered then starts the adding and subtracting. I used to take fruits and lay them out in front of my daughter. First she would count and say how many were there. Then take away one and ask her how many are left. This is a fun and easy way to teach the kids subtraction and addition. Using things from around the house makes them more involved in the activity since these are objects or food which they see and eat on a daily basis.

Always remember to give your child time to be comfortable with one task, then move onto a new one. Take new objects every time and give a gap of 2 days at least before reinforcing the lesson. This will ensure your child that he doesn’t get bored and understands the concepts better.

Another fun way to teach Maths is through an Abacus. These days you get all kinds of Abacus in the market. Choose one which is not too complicated but at the same time will allow your child to test themselves. Kids love seeing the colorful beads and sliding them across.

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Flash cards are another great way to make your child register and recognize numbers. Kids remember things better through visual impact. Flash cards make memorizing numbers easier as the memory retention is higher. You get flash cards with single and double digits as well as addition and subtraction ones.

You also get activity books with fun activities which kids love. Join-the-dots are another great way to make kids interested in learning and identifying numbers and their correct sequence.

Make Maths a part of your daily life. Wherever you go with your child, weave Maths into it. This will ensure that they don’t look upon it as just something to do in school. Do remember your children take their cues from you so even if you dread Maths, don’t show it.