8 Things To Consider When Choosing A Preschool!


Finding the right school for your child can be an overwhelming feeling. Pre-School is one of the most crucial decisions that a parent ever has to make. There are so many factors to keep in mind while deciding the school of your child. It determines the future path of your kid. It influences a lot of factors such as the environment, behavioural needs of a child, their indifferent attitude towards others, and most of the times school becomes a prime part of the upbringing of your children.

Mentioned below is a list of factors that needs to be in mind while taking the tour of the pre-schools:

1. Cost
The cost has to be the valid measure to keep in mind while filling out the pre-school forms. The range may vary from some thousand rupees to lakhs. You have to choose the schools according to the budget you have in mind.

2. Location
Location becomes the primary factor while deciding the school of your kid. Especially for the working parents, it is imperative to determine the closest place to their house. Moreover, school these days prefer to take children within the set radius as per the latest guidelines.

3. Length of the Day School
These days most of the parents belong to the working class. The have to set their office schedule keeping in mind of the whole agenda of their kids. Preferably they choose the day boarding school where kids are safe and develop a smart learning experience.

4. Quality of the Playground
We have mentioned a lot of times that sports should always be an integral part of your child’s life. Players inculcate a sense of team spirit, and on the top of that, it helps them to take big decisions in their later life.

5. The Teaching Faculty
It is often said that teachers are the student’s second mother. If your kid has the right teacher on his/her side, they have already learnt the sense of belongingness. The right teachers can most likely to make or break your child’s preschool career or experience. Make a wise choice!

6. Communication
School is the first step that your child takes in the outer world. To find the right company and to become a part of the right group is a must. He may inculcate a lot of habits from his former batch mates. Communication fills the gap for the following.

7. The School Calendar
This is particularly crucial for working parents. Many preschools follow the vacations of the local school district, but what other days will school be off? Are there professional development days, teacher conferences and special holidays? If you need to plan backup childcare, you need to know – and budget — ahead of time.

8. Real Mom Feedback
No director is going to send a disgruntled mom your way. Find out if this parent has ever had concerns and how they were handled by the teachers and director. Pose hypothetical questions such ‘What if my child has trouble making friends’ or ‘What if my child has toilet training issues?’ It’s a great opportunity to get a parent’s perspective on how the school is run.