Early Childhood Education- Why is it Important for a Child?

Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education means any type of educational program that serves children in their preschool years before they are old enough to enter kindergarten. Early childhood education consists of activities and experience for the cognitive and social development of preschoolers before they enter elementary school.

“When babies are born, they know nothing about the world around them. They don’t know who their parents are and the world seems a strange place to be in.” 

Early Childhood Education – There are different stepping stones that a baby achieves with each passing month, quarter, and year.

One such stepping stone is laying the foremost foundation of your child’s learning and growing years, where Preschool life plays a vital role. Hence choosing a right preschool educational institution for your growing kid is really important.

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Selecting the Right Preschool for Early Childhood Education  Why is it Important?

This will be the place where your kid will have the first contact with the outside world without you (parents being around), hence it is imperative to choose a school which is safe, secure and also can love and mould your little one to look forward to coming to school every day.
When I had my daughter, everyone in the family was super happy, she was born after a period of 4 yrs of marriage.
Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education- Why is it Important for a Child?

Being the firstborn, She was pampered by all, me, my hubby, her grandparents. She started speaking in 9 months onward and clearly expressing herself from 13 months onward.
That’s when I decided that I need to channelize her energies in a loving, positive environment where she can mingle with kids of her age.

As I began noticing that she was not comfortable being around kids of her age. Apparently a shy kid she was. That’s when I started my research, it was only after 6 months that I zeroed down on Idiscoveri Preschool.
She joined the Preschool at the age of 18 months and she studied there till the time she turned 4; when she finally graduated for higher classes in 2018 only.

I could notice the difference in her personality. Being a mother, it was so discernible to me and I was happy with my selection.

And my decision of sending her to a school was so right.

Some of the Changes I noticed-:
More responsive to instructions both in the school and with us.

Learnt better cognitive skills.
high on Social Emotional Skills.
Learnt Good Motor Skills.
Liked to spend time with kids of her age and made friends.

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Above are some of the learnings which has made her transition to High School from Preschool much smoother, enjoyable and satisfactory for her parents.

Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education- Why is it Important for a Child?

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We have only rejoiced at the mere sight of her improved personality. She has now joined her new school, settled in no time and adapted to the new environment with ease.
She is already in her teacher’s good books and is totally excited and amped up about the beginning of an all-new journey. A new learning phase of her life!