Prepare your Child for Independence Day Speech

Independence Day speech
Independence Day speech


Tips to prepare your child for
Independence Day speech

Whatever may be the occasion, a child usually takes a lot of effort to develop a perfect speech for all his school to hear. This Independence Day, as parents, you can help your child deliver her version of ‘A tryst with destiny’. Delivering speeches are an excellent way of building confidence in a child. Here are a few tips to help hone your kid’s oratory skills and help deliver his Independence Day speech.

• Craft the perfect speech

The first requirement is to have good content for the speech. Independence Day calls for patriotism and pride and drawing upon India’s determined struggle for freedom. You should also focus on the present situation in the country; are we truly independent or has there just been a replacement of masters? What does independence mean to us now and are we still struggling? A holistic speech would have both positive as well as negative points.

• Practice

After the speech is made, make your child read it repeatedly so that he remembers the content well or at least the essence of it. If a sudden rush of stage fright makes him forget his lines, it would be a blow to his confidence. Ensure that such a situation does not arise and even if it does, encourage him enough so that he can improvise on stage.

• Confidence building

Practising his Independence Day speech several times before finally delivering it in front of hundreds of people will boost his confidence. You, as parents, can pretend to be his audience and hear him practice his speech at home.

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• Talk to your child

A speech is not just rote learning and delivering. It should be his speech, his ideas and his perceptions. It is essential to understand what one is talking about. Independence Day speech (and the chance of delivering it ) is about taking pride in one’s own country. While there are definitely a lot of things that one is not proud of, there are certainly as many things we can do to change what we don’t like about our own country. Inculcate that hope in your child.

• Sleep

Lastly, a good night’s sleep is very important to have a fresh mind for the next day. Drive him to his school and be there to listen to him while he gets up on the stage to speak. And congratulate him on doing an excellent job.

While delivering an Indepedence Day speech on the stage can be daunting for a child, but if his parents stand by him and help him in every step, he is undoubtedly going to succeed in whatever endeavour he undertakes.

Happy Independence Day  !!

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