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Time to teach your baby to recognize the shape!

Prepare various shapes of cardboard for your baby, let your baby know the circle, square, triangle, semi-circle, ellipse, etc., and gradually understand various shapes.

For such a big baby, the interest in toys does not depend on the price of toys. A toy of a few hundred dollars is no different from a small wooden stick worthless. In comparison, babies prefer everyday appliances to beautiful toys.

Recognize shape

Prepare various shapes of cardboard for the baby, let the baby know the circle, square, triangle, semi-circle, oval, etc., and gradually understand the various shapes. Recognize the name of the shape and practice the eye’s ability to recognize it.

Counting fingers

The mother teaches the baby to count the fingers. Use the index finger of the right hand to count the fingers of the left hand. Tap one and count one, counting slowly from 1 to 5.

The baby is already familiar with the number of mothers, such as going up and downstairs, counting change, walking, etc. At this time, let the baby take the initiative to count, knowing 1 to 5 first, it is much simpler, and preparing for the next 1 to 10.

Play puzzle

Prepare two pieces of the foam puzzle board, let the baby observe and understand the content of the board, and then let the baby disassemble the puzzle, disrupt it, and then guide the baby to re-assemble it. Exercise your baby’s hand-eye coordination to make your baby’s movements smarter and faster.

Distinguish animal characteristics

Babies know many animals, but they do not yet know what are the characteristics of each animal. At this time, the mother can tell the baby that the giraffe has a long neck, the elephant has a long nose, the rabbit has long ears, and the tiger has many stripes.

Let the baby learn to distinguish animals initially and master the initial generalization ability.

Looking at the mirror, pointing to the part

The baby is now able to recognize some body parts. You can let the baby point out the name of each part of his body in front of the mirror, or point out the corresponding part according to the baby’s password.

Identifying the part through the mirror can make the baby’s hand and eye ability coordinate quickly.

Recognize the way home

The mother took the baby to a walk nearby and told the baby to “please take the baby home with me later”, and then let the baby remember the characteristics of the shops, billboards, and real estate on the road. Babies like to look around, but they still don’t know the purpose and consciousness of the various signs along the way. After accepting the task assigned by the mother, the baby will remember it more carefully, and can usually go home smoothly. If the baby goes wrong, the mother can correct it in time and tell the baby how to recognize it.

If you take a bus to go out, your mother can tell your baby how many bus lines he usually takes. This exercise is to exercise children’s memory and observation, but also a good safety education.

Dress and undress yourself

Let your baby learn to dress and undress slowly every day. When undressing, the mother can help the baby unbutton a button first, and then let the baby untie it, take off one hand first, and then let the baby take off the other hand until all the clothes are taken off. When putting on clothes, organize the clothes, let the baby reach into one hand, then put on the other sleeve, and then let the baby buckle or pull the zipper. Let your baby learn to take care of himself as soon as possible.

Organize toys

The baby has a lot of toys and they are taken out every day to play, but they are often not cleaned up after playing. Now my mother requires that the baby should sort out the toys before eating, leaving home, and before going to bed, put them in a large box where the toys are stored, or put them back in a fixed position. Cultivate your baby’s habit of putting things in order and self-consciousness: Pack your own things.

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