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Effect Of Games On Kids

Effect Of Games On Kids

During the 80s and 90s, games were fun outdoor activities. Today, the scenario is a bit different; we can see our toddlers and kids working on android and ios. They know about phone technology more than us, and there is no doubt about that, indeed. I’ve seen many parents who are busy, and they find it as an excellent way to engage their kids. Every golden object has a dark shadow. I don’t want to criticize the technologies that we are encountering today, but just a side of it. Facts and studies tell us that playing and observing violent video games results in high blood pressure and dizziness among kids. Moreover, if they are playing the video games a lot, they are probably missing out their social lives and affecting their physical health.

Though just mentioning about negative aspects of video games would be unfair. There are various positive points about them which I’ve mentioned below-
1- Tech knowledge

This might be a substantial term to use for video games. But kids with a great interest in video games since childhood can be seen as having interest in technology and higher digital literacy level.

2- Inquisitive mind

Many kids are so curious about how the visuals and programming of the video game are done. They usually keep themselves busy and try to learn about the coding and decoding done. And this turns out to be good knowledge of computer programming, and we all know how this could be helpful in the career.

3- Problem-solving skills

We all are pretty clear about the old school quote, ‘practice makes a man perfect’. We can apply it even here, think about it.
Gamers solve problems as their routine, and it affects the daily life. Their thinking ability is more balanced and they can analyze the problem and can tackle it in a more functional way.

4- Improved motor skills

People who are into video games are said to be having enhanced motor skills. A motor skill is merely an action that involves a baby using his muscles.

5- Eyes and hand coordination

Controlling the joystick and keeping the eyes on the screen is a kind of work which you cannot do without practice. And you need these skills in everyday life. And we can’t ignore that.

Playing game is not that bad, it helps in our daily lives in so many ways, we cannot ignore how these little skills can improve our daily work requirement. But too much of something is bad for everyone. Extreme exposure to the video games at such a young age can have so many adverse effects on a child mentally and physically.

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