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Emotions And Elation: Book Review

Emotions And Elation: Book Review
“A woman in birth is at once her most powerful and vulnerable. But any woman who has birthed unhindered understands really well that we are stronger than we know.”

The debutante work of this beautiful mother and author Banani Das will truly make every woman or parent feel the palpitations of pregnancy hitting them hard right there, deep down in their guts. If you’re an expectant mother, a mother, or just a woman, you can’t miss getting your hands on this book. Since this book is not just a typical pregnancy manual that will try feeding you with all the preachy matter related to the phase that is extremely personal and important to you.

This book is a helluva ride of all the mixed emotions, palpitations, nerves, jitters which are penned in the ink of the author’s personal memoirs and experiences.

One is never really prepared to be a parent. Right?

And this ‘NEVER’ sticks to all couples during every pregnancy. Because every experience is unique. Every journey from pregnancy to parenting is absolutely unique, and Banani with her debut book wishes and encourages all parents and couples to share and celebrate this uniqueness with others.

Parenthood is truly as exciting as a roller coaster with loads of screaming thrown in for good measure.

With Emotions and Elation, Banani has tried capturing the most potent and yet honest emotions and sentiments that a woman who is bearing a life inside her own body goes through.

But there is much more to it than just a story of a woman on the path of self-exploration. The beauty of this book lies in the felicitation of what exactly goes in the mind of the husband.

There is a lot that mom and dad go through before a child is born. The author and her husband together stand as a cue for all couples reciprocating how a baby brings the couple closer.

Notes from ‘soon to be a father’ so beautifully reflects the state of mind of a man too.

Well, nothing can be as pure and serene as words coming straight from a dad’s heart. There are such lovely moments that evoke songs of excitement, worry, anxiousness and so much more.

They both turned out to be so enthusiastic, optimistic, vibrant and such an involved, loving couple. Teaming together fabulously to bring their bundle of joy into this world. This is the closest first-hand account you will ever get to read. This book brims with really heartwarming and stirring emotions that will captivate your hearts instantly and on deeply personal levels.

She beautifully chronicles the essence of motherhood in words through these lines.

“Motherhood is bliss that has to be experienced to be believed. When those tiny, wrinkly pink fingers wrap themselves around yours, only then can you witness the miracle of life!”

A very happy, fulfilling and delightful motherhood ahead!