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How Far Will You Go to Get Me Time?

How Far Will You Go to Get Me Time?

Women today have been told we have it all — careers, families, kids, community involvement, and relationships. But all too often, having it all leaves us with no time or strength left for ourselves.

When it involves snagging some much-needed alone time, moms have to be compelled to get pretty artistic.

Moms are wonderful multi-taskers, able to pluck their eyebrows whereas managing potty time with one child and administering a follow writing system quiz to another.Because we are able to do several things at once doesn’t mean we always wish to. Typically what we actually wish is time for ourselves, by ourselves.

However, at the end of the day, most moms apprehend the simplest, most straightforward way to get a little downtime is to ask your partner to require a flip with the children.


“There’s a tremendous amount of stress and pressure put on women: being parents, being daughters, mothers, wives, professionals.

All of these roles combined, leave many of us not taking adequate care of ourselves — which is what sustains us and gives us the energy to take care of all these other responsibilities that we have,” says Randy Kamen Gredinger, a Wayland, MA, psychologist and life coach specializing in women’s issues.

I have long been a proponent of moms taking care of themselves. I say moms and not parents because taking into account other couples I know, most dads do not need to be reminded to take time to themselves.

We all know mothers who either think they’re not worth it or that they are too needed to take some time to themselves, and this is so unfair. It is one of my chief mom “causes” to remind every mother I know that they shouldn’t have to negotiate for every second of alone time they get.


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