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First-Time Dad: Tips for fatherhood

Life as a new dad!

Becoming a dad will probably be one of the biggest events of one’s life.

Fatherhood isn’t rocket science, but it’s also not the simplest thing in the world. Show off your newfound fatherhood skills when your little one arrives in the world.

Making the most of any time you have off work to get to know your baby is a great way to start your life as a dad.

Establish a Routine

One of the best most practical tips for new dads is that they start to establish a schedule long before the baby arrives. But parents can’t simply enforce a schedule upon their kids and hope it works. The trick is in waiting for the kid to find their routine of sleeping, eating, and alertness. 

Connect through touch

Physical touch makes your baby feel safe and secure and builds trust and connection with you. This kind of bonding with newborns also stimulates your baby’s brain development. You could try carrying and holding your baby as often as you can.

Talk to your baby as often as you can

Talk while you’re carrying or changing your baby. Every word baby hears helps develop his language and learning and strengthens your relationship with him. Telling stories, reading books, or singing songs has the same effect.

When Babies Cry

A baby’s cry is distressing because evolution made it so. It is an alert, but it doesn’t always mean the same thing. 

Parents can hold the kid in their arms so that they are positioned face-down or on their side. Long shushing noises may also work, A little swaying or jiggling could create calm.

Look after your relationship

Having a new baby can put extra strain on your relationship with your partner. Try to stay positive and support each other as you learn how to parent together. Asking how your partner is going lets your partner know you care. Negotiating and sharing expectations is good practice for later parenting.

Learn your baby’s cues

Babies give cues or signals to what they need through their behavior and body language. By really paying attention to your baby’s cues, over time you’ll learn how to work out what your baby needs.

Look after yourself

If you’re well, you’ll be better able to look after your baby and support your partner. You can keep your energy up with healthy lifestyle choices and as much sleep and rest as you can have, even if it’s not at night.

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