Food is Health

Food is Health
When I started understanding the importance of looking lean, of course in my teen years, I stopped having ghee (clarified butter). My mother had a set norm at home of adding ghee in dal and a nice application of it on chapatis. I started having chapatis without ghee. She noticed my habit and asked me the reason. I told her ghee is fattening and that I need to take care of my health. She kept telling me that ghee is very beneficial for the brain and skin. I did not listen to her. Then she used to make laddu of different varieties. Besan (gram flour) laddu, Til (sesame) laddu, Gur (jaggery) laddu and I used to avoid having them considering overload of sugar in them.

There are many such conventional eating habits I questioned in the coming years as I kept reading about weight loss, diet plans, and the nutrients. However, how wrong I was then, I realized once I started following Rujuta Diwekar. 

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Rujuta Diwekar is a well-known name now. She is India’s leading nutrition and exercises science expert. She is the reason behind Kareena Kapur’s size zero in the movie “Tashan” and post-pregnancy transition. I don’t pay anything to follow her. Yes, I purchased some of her books but mostly I listen to her on her FB page. She keeps conducting FB live session to address different health issues of today’s time. Early fatal diseases in kids, obesity, ageing, food allergies, diabetes, BP, PCOD, Thyroid and many other. She also shares recordings of the sessions she takes worldwide.

In those sessions, she addresses the same things, our health, and our food. She connects all the dots how our changed eating habits brought N number of health problems. And we people, without giving heed to what our culture says about food, are taking aims of weight loss, flat belly and radiant skin with the help of different diet plans and external supplements.
Food is assumed God in our Indian culture. But, as we are becoming more progressive and tech-savvy, we have stopped taking food and its powers seriously. We are eating anything without thinking what type of effects or side effects it can bring to our bodies. We are disrespecting our local, cultural and regional food and running after exotic, low carb, low calorie, and low sugar food. But as Rujuta says, this only brings more problems to the body than giving any benefit.
Ever since I have been following Rujuta, one thing that I changed in my life is “respecting our cultural food habits” back. I have started having ghee and laddus, I don’t see food from the eyes of protein, carbs or fat. I no longer eat exotic vegetables or fruits no matter what is being said about their benefits. The same habits I am imbibing in my son as well. And that is why he prefers Kadhi- Chawal over any other fast food that kids of his age desire. I am trying to shape his eating habits like I used to have in my childhood.
Daal Chawal with ghee is his every day after school meal. Paratha with tenderly applied ghee is his breakfast and vegetable curry and chapati is his dinner. He eats regional fruits and enjoys chyawanprash, honey, and dry fruits. He has no liking for any of the aerated drinks but he loves making his own shikanji. The idea is the same, go with regional food. Bring back what our grandmothers used to cook, eat what is in season and eat by cooking food in regional recipes. Food is our ancestral medicine and the food which a family has been eating for centuries is the best bet.

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With my changed eating habits, I have seen a positive impact of my own body as well. I have a constant weight and I have no issues of bloating or fatigue. Try going back to your roots for your health. Eat what you were eating in your childhood. Go with regional grain and fruits. Consume oil and a good amount of ghee. I am sure you will also see convincing changes.

Shipra Trivedi

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