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Four summer care routines for kids

It’s already the season of blazing heat, well-taking care of kids in summer becomes extremely difficult, but kids always want to play around, and have fun with their friends. But Kids are more sensitive to light and heat compared to adults. hence they need extra attention to cope with the increasing heat. The following section contains Four summer care routines for kids.

Routine 1: Hydration

Hydration is considered insignificant amongst kids, less intake of water or fluids impacts the body temperature and increases body heat

Good hydration is a key factor in maintaining blood pressure and circulation in the body

Proper circulation simultaneously increases antibodies to build a stronger immune system

Flushes out toxins and improves skin texture

Hydration is not just water 

Well people often consider hydrating the body with water

But since we’re dealing with kids, something needs to be exciting for them

Ways of hydration

  1. Water-intensive fruits Watermelon, Grapes, Plums, and Citrus group

Provide fruits in different forms such as juice, salad, shake, smoothies et.al

Routine 2: Limiting sun exposure between (11 am to 3 pm)

During this time the temperature reaches the maximum of the day. Kids as well as adults highly suggested staying out of the sun and limiting their exposure to the sun.

Plan indoor activities for kids

1. Prepare and make cooking session for launch meal with kids

2. Storytime- Tell them stories related to various events of your life or close ones et.al

Routine3: Clothing

 Proper clothing is important for kids, especially in summers. Wearing light color helps in reflecting heat, hence body absorbs less heat

Cotton clothes are highly preferred during summer which help in absorbing sweat and evaporating it easily.

Routine4: Sunscreens

Sunscreen plays a key role in protecting skin from harmful sun rays. Skin cancer is becoming extremely common amongst children and young people. Protecting skin reduces this dreadful situation in the future.

 Sunburn is not just the physical damage that is visible but internationally it triggers melanin in the skin subsequently leading to various skin-related issues in the long-run

Sunscreen with a broad-spectrum, water-resistant, Sun protection factor (SPF)higher than 30 will give better protection 

Apply sunscreen every 2 hours and use hats and caps to cover the head.

Welcome Happy and safe summer

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