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From A Girl to A Woman

From A Girl to A Woman

13 Nov 1983, finding myself in the arms of the most beautiful lady in the world,

“I Was Born”

The comfortable lap, the calming touch,

The passionate kiss and the affectionate hugs.

I had no idea who I am and where I was,

My parents told me, I am their girl, their gift from God.

And that was the reason,

“I Was Born”

Cuddling, hugging, kissing, with all the love I grew,

My big brother introduced me to the world.

And told me whatever he knew,

Fighting, crying, teasing was all the fun.

He saved me all the times, partners in crime and good work too,

Together it all began.

And then as a Sister,

“I Was Born”

Going to school was like completing a dare,

Until I had teachers, staff and classmates to care.

I met her then, wished to spend with her all my life,

Through all my years,

She was my bestie and my very dear.

And then as a Best Friend,

“I Was Born”

She is still so near, but life goes on,

School, college, hostel, and buddies, everything went on.

From Daddy’s little girl, brother’s naughty sister to being a best friend, life never paused.

Big girl, I was,

And as a Teenage,

“I Was Born”

Feelings, crushes, emotions, heartbreaks and goodbyes,

Were the gem of those college days.

Gone are those beautiful days,

My poetry, my writings, all the credit goes to that adolescence age.

And then as a Poet,

“I Was Born”

a girl to a woman
You are more powerful than you know; you are beautiful just as you are

Life is a journey, it never stopped nor did my poetry,

And from all my fairy tales of my heart and soul,

Came “He” to help me rise and shine.

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We got married, and a new life was added to mine,

Understanding got better day by day, laughter got louder,

Life got smoother.

And then as a Wife,

“I Was Born”

Daughter in law I already was,

But to become a Daughter of the in-laws, it took some time,

After some cries, tries and care, the most awaited moment of life was reached,

From “Bahu” to “Beti” my name was changed.

And then again as a Daughter,

“I Was Born”

And then, the cute little girl was there in our arms,

She had all her mom’s sweetness and her daddy’s charm.

After a few years, another new life began,

We had our son to complete the family fun.

And then as a Mom,

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“I Was Born”

In all these years of life, I smiled, I cried, I failed, I stepped up, I stepped down

From good times to hard to worst, life has shown me every phase of it.

And in every moment of it,

“I Was Born”


My birth dates are so many,

“I Was Born” in so many blessed roles,

Born to complete my life’s goals.

But for me, I’ll be born only when,

From a girl to a women
It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but even more to stand up to your friends.

If I stay in each and every heart forever and then!!!