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Fun Kitchen Tools for Kids

Fun Kitchen Tools for Kids

My Kitchen Tools, My kids and Me, when all of us are together it gets into a deadly combination but fortunately, the result is great every time.

I love cooking, baking and making sweets. And my family loves eating them. Sometimes my kids come and join me to make some new and interesting recipes to taste. So I make the kitchen work fun by involving the kids and my super safe gadgets for them to work.

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  • Apron is my kid’s favourite. I have a cute little Doraemon (cartoon character) Apron for the kids.
  • Everyone is together during the evening and it’s time for some shakes and juice, I have a small Easezap hand blender mixer and when I have poured in the coffee, kids make a perfect froth over the coffee with this cute little blender. It can also be used for mixing sugar in milk or water or making lassi.
  • A lemon squeezer is so much fun for kids to work with. While you mix water and sugar for your lemonade, your kids will enjoy squeezing the lemons one by one.
  • Different shaped cookie cutters. With my hands on different types of sweets, my kids help me in giving those perfect shape to my biscuits, ghujias, matar snacks, shakarpare with the help of these cookies cutter.
  • Chocolate moulds are the best to get the kids going in the kitchen. Melting the chocolate compound, mix in some dry fruits, pour it safely into the silicon moulds and your star shaped, heart shaped, flower shaped, rose shaped chocolates are ready.
  • Philips hand mixer is my kitchen’s best tool as I bake very often. Though it’s all under my observation, my kid can now make his gluten free cake on his own with the cake mix. He now knows all the ingredients, measurements, along with the mixer and its tools. He rejoices mixing all the ingredients with the help of this electric beater for long. His all-time favorite is heart shaped cake mould. It’s just I need to do the oven part and his yummy cake in ready.
  • An oil brush is also very handy and exciting to use. Brushing the cake moulds, pan cakes, panner tikka, chicken tikka is my son’s best job.
  • Icing bags with different nozzles is also a great tool for kids to show their creation.
  • Slicer dicer: I recently got this and it’s so very easy to chop the veggies. I put in the peeled and sliced vegetables and kids just chop them into perfectly shaped cubes with the help of this dicer.
  • Pink salt and black pepper crusher are the dinning necessity and kids are curious to use them.

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The best way to raise healthy eaters is to create lots of opportunities for them to participate in the kitchen. Cooking together not only makes great food combinations but also improves your communication with kids. Kids learn skills that will be useful for a lifetime.

“So choose a recipe, grab an apron, and let the creativity flow.

Happy Mom and Kid Cooking!”