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Giving Our Children a Clearer Picture of God

Giving Our Children a Clearer Picture of God

God is ineffable and inconceivable, he has been interpreted in thousands of ways. God has evolved from a stable identity to a broader perspective, everyone now has their own opinion about God. But there is a difference in being religious and being spiritual. Spirituality never teaches us to hate while we even kill people on the religious ground.  It is imperative to clear our own viewpoint of God to really make our child understand it well.

God is a journey. It’s an ongoing learning of dealing with obstacle with faith, trusting and knowing you will come out of it safely and thanking God for the experience. It’s taking everything boldly and never giving up. God is a path you get mature on. 

It doesn’t mean we should not take our children to temple, mosque or Gurudwara. We definitely should do that to teach them the power of trusting, giving and getting. We should make them understand he is within them and he gets happy when you don’t go bad to others. He doesn’t get happy when you put milk on his idols, sit in Havana’s or kill animals on his name. This sort of prayer attaches them to an achievable result.

Going to temple means looking deep inside, changing if there is any discord and choosing a better way. It means changing oneself not taking pride in oneself. Teaching presence of God in all beings is a way to teach your child morals and values. We tell them that we should respect all creatures and we shouldn’t hurt another because God is present in everyone.

We always tell our kids that they shouldn’t lie, steal or cheat because it’s bad and God will punish them. This builds a fear in their mind and whatever bad happens to them, they take it as a punishment from God. This makes them feel guilty, put them into self-blame and eventually make them settle for less than they deserve. Instead, the right way is to teach them that telling lie, stealing and cheating is not good because when someone does it with them they won’t feel nice either. They should rather do what they feel good doing on themselves than feeling scared of some mishap or omen.

God loves all beings, he never judges us. He forgives us and never punishes us.

Reading the stories about how God is always there for everyone, burning the light of faith and trust in the children from the beginning makes a huge difference when they grow up.

God is your inner guidance, your gut feeling, your true calling.

God is unconditional love, feeling of giving selflessly and staying grateful for everything.

God is being happy at the moment, staying positive and never losing your faith.

God is learning that we all are one and equal.