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Gluten free lunch box- Perfect recipe of nutrition

Gluten free lunch box- Perfect recipe of nutrition

“Managing to a healthy gluten-free breakfast every morning is a task. It’s been three years and every next morning I am stuck at it. As my kid want something new every day. So after so much learning and dedication, I have these exclusive ‘lunchbox’ recipes in my kitchen for my special kid.”

1. The best of all time is Paneer Bhurji with Dr. Gluten Gold Chapatti:

Yes, it’s not a paratha, a roti instead. As a gluten-free chapatti is much heavier than our normal wheat chapattis. High in protein, high in fibre; a healthy dose not to be missed in the tiffin at least once a week.

2. Tuesday’s tiffin is packed with Yellow Vegetable Rice including carrots, capsicum, onion, corn and boiled potatoes, to add more flavours to it. spice it with fun and foods pasta sauce to add to it. Your little munchkins will love it.

3. Have you guys tried the Moong Dal Pizza?

Yes, you heard it right. Pizza with moong dal base. It’s healthy and nutritious. Soak the yellow moong dhuli dal overnight, and prepare a pancake on a non-stick pan with the blended mixture. Top up with the pizza sauce along with necessary veggies and top it up with cheese. Cover the pan for 30 to 50 seconds and it is there, a healthy gluten-free pizza is ready to be devoured.

4. Thursday are for the Poha delight. Try adding more crunchiness to the poha with peanuts, roasted Chana Dal and white urad dal. Make sure the final product is soft.

5. Aloo poori is my kiddo’s all-time favourite. in my kitchen, Pooris are made with Dr. Gluten Gold Flour and it’s for my every GF bread I make.

6. Fridays are fun days, so schools allow junk food. And that is the treat day for kids. Fill in the lunchbox with GF pasta. I find organ rice and corn pasta the best. It takes a little more time to soften the pasta. But it turns out nice and yummy. Butter, Keya’s pasta seasoning, fun and foods pasta sauce, GF Mayonnaise and cheese, will make it perfect for the Friday foodie fervour.

7. Do try whea-free garlic bread, it’s very soft and delicious, and I buy it every week and is the best and easy snack for gluten-free dining. There is a whea-free pizza also available but my kid’s taste buds are not really keen on that.

8. Not to miss, an uttapam (soak 3 parts rice and 1 part dhuli urad white dal overnight). Blend it properly in a grinder and add onions, tomatoes, capsicum and carrot. And make the uttapam over a nonstick pan. Serve with the wheafree ketchup as my kid hates the mint chutney. You can use ketchup if you wish so.

9. Wheafree bread and burger is another option for lunches. I always opt for the eggless ones, they are not so soft but gets better on heating with some butter. Stuff it with potatoes, cheese slice, mixed fruit jam or a Mccain’s plain Aloo Tikki. It’s always so satisfying for GF kids.

10. Munch time is for fruits, homemade Gf cakes, soaked almond, peanuts, roasted Chana, GF biscuits, bewell matar snacks, potato spirals, or wheafree small samosas with a bottle filled with Lassi (Buttermilk).

And as it’s a mom’s job, I always keep on trying and have something new in the kitchen every day!! so can you 🙂