A “ home” is a haven and heaven for the human. He labours day and night to make the “ nest”. The “ nest” provides shelter and comfort. Then begins a new journey. A journey of livelihood: accompanied by a partner. 

Life is a bundle of joy and happiness if we are complemented. All the colours of the rainbow are more vibrant than they appear to be. Mornings are always good and nights with sweet dreams. Even a sour yoghurt is diabetic. Sourness comes; then, even a sweet yoghurt is tasteless: a rainbow becomes hue-less. Thus, spoils the relation. There could be any reason or cause behind it. But a malignant tumour is “ expectation”.
A healthy relationship depends on the pillars of understanding, time, space and above all patience.


Where there is sufficient space, there is oxygen to breathe. The relation develops with healthy time. Understanding is mutual. The definition of “ love” in today’s high tech period is variable. Some believe in long time relationship which results in marriage and a happy family.
In all these dramatic episodes; a human – being who is suffering the most; is the child. Being a sensitive minor, he is inexpressive. The emotions get suffocated and the result is toxic.
This can lead to an imbalance of emotions and mental development. He is always cast with diffidence, insecurity and frustration.
A child is like a bud, nurtured and bloomed. He is a wet plaster moulded. But if proper care is not taken, the mould gets broken. Emotional imbalance leads to negativity changes, to an extent, violence or depression. When children fight, parents try to resolve the issue. But when the parents do the same;the child may become aggressive. He may react outwardly with anger. A child may suffer serious physical changes. Sleep disorder or a change in sleeping patterns may lead to irrational behavior of the child. It may lead to stress; thus resulting in lack of being attentive in the classroom.
A child might not enjoy the education or knowledge given. Then comes the trails of complaints and grudges.
Dear fellas never understand that it’s only lack of love and care.

Child depression is a very sensitive and alarming concern for society. If the child is giver proper nurturing, a transformation of blessed human being results. Neglected or avoided, crime comes. To make human a complete person, emotional development matters a lot. It helps us to face the diversities and challenges of life.
Every person has some taints which if modified or directed to a positive track, strengthens the emotional strength and physical calibre.

It all depends upon on the 
“ backbone” of the family: the parents.

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Gurmeet Chhabra is a home maker did her graduation in literature. Based out of Patna and currently residing in Bangkok, Thailand .She has been an excellent mother to her children and even a wonderful wife to her husband. Planning to expand her horizons in the field of parenting she now writes for “Allaboutkiids”. She has chosen a wide range of topics to write about and continues to peace and enjoyment within her children.