HomeA fun way to relish noodles: Roti Noodles

A fun way to relish noodles: Roti Noodles

Here, we are bringing onto the table the yummiest and the most exciting, nutritious and fun way to relish noodles. Now, taste and nutrition are yours and your kids’ best-est pals.

wheat flour dough
Oil 2-3tbs
Soya sauce
Chilly sauce
Carrots chopped in thin strips
Thinly sliced capsicums
Mushrooms ( optional )
Thinly sliced onions
Spring onions (finely chopped)

1) Make a thin but large roti.
2)Roll it and cut it into thin strips.
3)Heat up oil in a non-stick pan. Sauté onions, then all the vegetables cabbage in the last then put sauces according to your taste and flavours preferences, preferably 1tsp each.
4)Mix well on high heat and add the roti strips and Voilà a healthy and yummy meal is ready.

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Enjoy! Your taste buds are ready to delight! 🙂

Garima Singh
Garima Singh
A homemaker who feels pride to be adorned with the crown of being the one. A deeply religious, sensitive and artistic soul with keen sense of aesthetics. Did graduation in arts from GCG Chandigarh and fashion designing from NIFD Chandigarh. Mother of two lovey dovey kiddos and a ceramic designer too. Aspires to own a restaurant some day since I am a passionate cook. A bit of anything or everything and for me life is the best creation of art !


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