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Gluten Free Birthday Party Menu: Some Tips and Ideas

Gluten Free Birthday Party Menu: Some Tips and Ideas

So last week it was my sons 6th Birthday. Excited about a month before, he is always fascinated to celebrate it at home with all his friends and cousins invited. And so was planned. Every party celebration idea was done except the Birthday Party Menu.

Yeah. The party had to be Gluten Free. So planning for the food menu intensifies a hundred times.

Check the gluten-free birthday party menu. Here are some of my tips for making the gluten-free birthday party a success:

birthday party menu
  Gluten Free Birthday Party Menu
• The cake is usually the centrepiece for the birthday, so make an awesome gluten-free cake. I go for happy cake mix plain vanilla flavour. And it’s super easy, you can get in 2 trials. Guys you wouldn’t believe but I make 2 cakes every time as one finishes off as early as it is baked.
• I make the icing with Amul fresh cream and with those designer icing bags you can get those nice good writings on the cake. And I tried marshmallows fondant too. (The pink hearts and still getting better in the icing tricks). I made it tri-coloured: yellow, chocolate, and white.
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• Coming to the sides, I planned some McCain’s French fries, and smiles which are kid’s all-time favourite.
• And not leaving the munchies, it was trays full of classic lays, cornettos nachos and Kettles. My kids have not got any of his favourite GF biscuits, so no biscuits on the table.
• And then for the tummy to go tight, it was GF Pizza and GF Pasta. Both prepared well at home but kids loved the pasta more.
• I used organic rice and corn pasta with fun n foods pizza pasta sauce (GF) with some fresh cut veggies, processed cheese, and pasta seasoning. After baking for couples for minutes, it turned out yum and nobody could tell the difference if it being GF.(I have tried the recipe many times earlier to get the texture of the pasta correct).
For the pizza, I made the base at home with organic Pastry and pizza flour. And then seasoned it with oregano, cheese, pizza sauce, and no veggies (kids favourite margarita).
birthday party menu
            Gluten Free Birthday Party Menu
• For the sweets, it was plain vanilla ice cream topped with fun n food chocolate sauce and diced dried fruits. Yuummm, a simple hot chocolate fudge served in little cocktail glasses!!!
• Sweets and candies included the fox and the plain Dairy milk chocolates.
• Drinks as of no restrictions were cold drinks, fruity, some tetra packs of juices, ice tea, and homemade fresh orange juice.

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Each recipe is so simple, yet the kids loved everything. I had my type of party- nice and tasty, and most importantly, gluten-free! So feel free and host a Gluten-free birthday party with this birthday party menu!

This Gluten Free Birthday Party Menu is brought to you by Jyoti Arora.