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Rosewalk : Luxury Hospital For Women

Rosewalk : Luxury Hospital For Women

The procedure of giving birth is a scary time for expecting moms, and even the family. Making the procedure a bit less demanding and significantly more comfortable, Rosewalk: Luxury Hospital for Women has stepped in. Rosewalk Healthcare is an extravagance doctor’s facility for women, it is situated in Panscheel Park, New Delhi.

At Rosewalk, you will locate the finest therapeutic care alongside a level of administration that enables you to slip into a condition of luxury. For all your Medical administrations identified with Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Maternity with a demonstrative suite, they have a team of highly qualified experts. As u can find in the pictures, one can have lavish patient rooms with hotel styling and amenities, additional extensive food menu. Furthermore, they likewise have a spa benefit accessible to the patient and her family, for which they have tied up with the Lodhi Hotel.

Each room has a ton of characteristic light, on account of the substantial French windows, including their Operating Theatre. Patients can customize their own room.

They also have a boutique and blessing shop, a den for kids and a bistro.

The Lodhi Hotel runs their kitchen, and the food is a blend of nourishment and taste.

Rosewalk also incorporates Baby-Ready Workshops like a pre-birth workshop, pre-birth nourishment and wellness sessions and many more. (Other than giving extravagances like gift packages and relaxing massage for the mother) They additionally don’t have any limitations on guests.

On Women’s day, we had a solid session at Rosewalk with Dr. Loveleena Nadir, Senior Consultant Obstetrics & Gynaecology. A sweat free wellness session with Charu Shankar, Head of the Well Being Program at Rosewalk Healthcare. Last but not the least we had a Superfood session with Rashi Chahal, a practising nutritionist and dietitian.


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