Milk intolerance in babies


When I thought of having a second child, I thought it would be easy since I have already been there, done that. Knowing all small things about feeding babies, making them nap, burping habits, hunger crying, but I guess I was wrong.

My baby boy used to cry round the clock 24/7. We shared only a few moments of joy, I was not sure what was the reason. We spoke to his doctor, he said its normal, most babies cry a lot till a certain age.

It was only in the second month when I visited my elder daughter’s paediatrician  with my newborn, for vaccination and discussing his developmental milestone. The doctor asked me a few questions and I realized that my baby could have MPI which is milk protein intolerance.

MPI is not taken as a serious issue by most of the parents, After doing a bit research, I realised that it can be life-threatening if proper care is not taken.This allergy not only makes the baby cranky and cause pain in his stomach but also results in bloating, blood in the stool and respiratory issues too.

Few symptoms of a baby with MPI are –

  1. Right after having his /her feed, baby gets abdominal cramps, vomiting.

  2. Baby is usually cranky throughout the day and cries loudly at regular intervals due to pain or stiffness in the stomach. ( This is not the case when the baby is hungry)

  3. Can have diarrhoea.

  4. Intestinal infections usually are known when the baby cries while passing stool.

  5. Bowel color changes.

  6. Baby with MPI is also prone to skin rashes, atopic /dermatitis skin. Hence skin lotions/ creams have to be used very carefully.

  7. Babies can also have some respiratory issues because of MPI, like prolonged dry cough, wheezing, a loud noise in the chest while crying.

Can MPI be avoided?

According to me not really. Reason being, it is not in control of the mother as it could be due to some allergy the mother has since the time of her pregnancy. It could be due to the lack of nutrients which baby did not get while in the womb, or maybe because either of the parents has some milk allergy.

These are some of the possible reasons which can cause milk intolerance in the baby either at birth or later.

How can we deal with MPI in babies?

Usually, it is seen that once babies grow older, these allergies go away, as the immune system becomes stronger but till that happens, there are ways by which we can comfort them. Nursing mothers need to stop their dairy food intake in their diet like milk, cheese, creams, and any food which has milk/milk solids in it.
After talking to the baby’s doctor, regular medicines need to be administered and given to the baby with MPI issues, to ease up the pain the stomach and other related problems.

Babies should be on either mother milk or soy-based milk. Regarding baby skin, only specified creams prescribed by a doctor should be used which are already tested by the dermatologist.

These are some of the inferences I have personally followed in coordination with my doctor for the proper well being and growth of my baby. And most importantly to develop a healthy happy baby.

Hope my blog helps, other moms, going through a similar issue.

All the very best to you and your little ones😄