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Home Remedies of Bed Wetting in Children.

Home Remedies of Bed Wetting in Children.

One of the most common problems among infants and newborns is bedwetting. Unknowingly passing urine during bedtime is not an ‘issue’. In the first few months or rather years as there is no bladder control in newborns, they take time to understand the sensation to pass urine. Bedwetting occurs due to one or more reasons. Some of the reasons are smaller bladder size and delayed maturation of the bladder. It can also be due to production of excessive urine, infection in the urinary tract or hormonal imbalances. Most children are pretty sound sleepers. They do not realize the bladder being full and hence cannot react to the stimuli causing bedwetting. However, if bedwetting occurs even after your child is 5 years of age, care should be taken to check the occurrence. There are various home remedies which can cure the issue without any side effects.

Home Remedies to cure bedwetting in children:

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a magic spice to cure many health ailments and is easily available in the stores. Studies indicate that cinnamon keeps the body warm and helps check bedwetting in children and adults. The simplest way to cure the problem of bedwetting is to chew a small piece(s) of consuming throughout the day. However, children can be a bit fussy when it comes to consuming something that requires effort. As an alternative, you can finely powder the cinnamon stick at home and sprinkle it over the toast along with butter.

Indian Gooseberry: Amla or the Indian gooseberry has more medicinal properties than one. It not only cleanses your blood, helps reduce weight but also is an excellent remedy to cure bedwetting. Since the taste is a bit harsh and your child may not prefer biting into it, you can easily create some magic potion out of the pulp of amla. The effortless way of having your child consume the juice Indian gooseberry is by mixing the same with a lot of honey. The natural sugar in honey does not cause any side effects and is known to keep the body warm. Additionally, it neutralizes the harsh taste of amla and makes it an enjoyable drink for your child.

Cranberry Juice: Cranberry juice works excellent in curing bedwetting problems in children. If you wish to avoid your child from consuming too much liquid before bedtime, you can give him/her half a cup of cranberry juice at least three times a day. Cranberry juice will also cure any urinary tract infection that could lead to bedwetting.

Walnuts and Raisins: Walnuts and raisins are the favorites of any age group as a snack. The crunchiness of walnut and the sweet taste of the raisin makes it a fun and nutritious snack for children. Since this snack is a no liquid remedy, you can give a small portion of it to your child before bedtime. Continue this for few weeks to see results.

Massage: You might have definitely given a lot of massages to your child in the early years to strengthen the bones and prevent them from catching cold quickly. And massage with olive oil in the lower abdomen of your child can help reduce the bedwetting problem. Follow the usual procedure of mildly heating the olive oil and massage gently in the lower abdomen.

Exercise: If your child is over 5 years of age and still has the habit of passing urine, combine the edible remedies with some strengthening exercises as well to see possible and quick results. Children of age above 4 can be trained to do some muscle strengthening exercises targeting the pelvic muscles. Most of the times bedwetting occurs due to the slower maturation of pelvic muscles. Exercise greatly helps in curing the issue. Also, encourage your child to hold on to the urge of passing urine. This will help them develop a habit of holding on to the urge of urinating. It will prove helpful for preschoolers for the time to come.