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How to be a Good Parent in six Easy Steps

How to be a Good Parent in six Easy Steps
You must have tried to Google about how you can become a good parent ?
Who are good parent?
Do good parent do things differently than the rest?
What makes them stand apart from other parents?
How are good parent unique ?
Is there any Parenting school that they might have secretly enrolled themselves in and they are not really aware of?
Is there any such educational system exclusively designed to show some mercy on the poorest creatures often called as parents?

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Ahhh, a hell lot of questions!? :/

Good Parent – spend enormous amount of precious times of their lives in scratching their heads to arrive at the most sought after answer that makes them lose their sleeping hours for months, yet they fail to understand.

How to be a good parent
Both of you should have an equal share in the responsibility of discipline as much as possible.
  • Learn to Appreciate Your Child and Boost Their Self Esteem: Yes, it’s really important that before kids start developing their own sense of self, their sense of self should be inculcated in them by their parents only. Learn to appreciate them rather than depreciating their efforts by drawing out baseless comparisons with the achievements and skills of other kids. This only leads to frustrate your kids and they feel bogged down so much under the pressure to excel and impress their own parents which stifles their growth as an individual with independent choices and decisions making capability.

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  • Catch Them When They are Doing Something Worthy to be Discerned and Praised: “Do you often get swayed by the natural parental instinct to snob the little kids?” You don’t want to notice when they have made their beds without even you reminding them twice or thrice while hysterically chopping veggies in the kitchen. Or you always wish to ignore if your kid has cleaned his room and organised stuff without any constant reminders being thrown towards them.Then, you have to unlearn this tendency. Encouraging and noticing their sincere and good behavior will always leave them giving you more opportunities to take notice. Of course, appreciate them with a hearty smile or tightest hug.
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  • Discipline Should be Their Constant Companion and Parents’ Constant Reminder: You should inculcate values of discipline in your child during their formative years only. Establishing certain house rules is not that bad as you think. Some modern parents might perceive this tendency as too harsh and freedom curbing. But, it’s really not. Set a specific time for playing, studying, hobbying that will make them understand the value of time and how to advance its utility. Don’t act like a strict disciplinarian. But don’t be clumsy, reckless and carefree parents. Such as parent who is too self absorbed in their world with absolutely no regards of what their kids are up to.
Good Parent
Try to set aside time on a regular basis to do something fun with your children.
  • Teach and Preach Only What you Practise: Stop preaching your kids and let your actions do the talking. Neem can’t grow mangoes; an age-old adage and yet so relevant in today’s times. Try to follow such a routine, mindset, lifestyle or etiquette that you wish your child to imitate. Children quickly absorb and try to imitate the mannerisms of their parents. Treat yourself, your kids, family and friends in a way you wish others to treat you. Compassion, joy, kindness, honesty is something that almost every child inherits from their surroundings and parental attitude. Make sure you’re the perfect role model for your children not just a mannequin.
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  • Show That Your Love for Them is Unconditional: Unconditional love in today’s world is real hard to be found. This word is not completely lost. It can still be found tucked between the pages of parental love. That’s its beauty. Parents are almost always such people who can be trusted a whole lot and they will never deceive their kids. Strive to nurture and encourage your kids especially when adversities hit them the hardest. If they seem to undergoing a rough patch then extend your unflinching support. Enable them to love someone expressively and wholeheartedly.
6 easy steps How to be a good parent
You’ve left dirty clothes on the floor, dirty plates on your desk, and your bed is not made.

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  • Don’t act Like a Worldly Parental Epitome. As a parent, it’s really important to be mindful of your needs, wants and expectations. We only expect from the people who matter to us. Make sure that your kid is being made aware of your expectations from them timely. This way they will have to work to live up to those expectations. It’s clearly possible to not bog them down with the baggage of your lofty ideals and expectations. They are kids, let them breathe and allow them to grow on their own pace. Letting your kids know why your expectations are important will show that you care about your well-being. This is another powerful, yet a subtle way to become their best model they can look forward to.
 How to be a good parent in six easy steps
Let the baby go undiapered for part of the day. This gives the skin a chance to air out.