Home Parenting Improve Your Kids English At Home With These Steps

Improve Your Kids English At Home With These Steps

Improve Your Kids English At Home With These Steps

Do you wonder – How do I start teaching my kids English at home?

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. It finds application in major countries across the globe and in many Commonwealth countries, India included, it acts as a medium of education. Hence, it becomes crucial as a parent to impart the understanding and spoken confidence of the English language from a young age to their little ones.

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There are easy ways of improving your kids English skills staying at home, some of which are listed here:

• It is eminent as a parent to brush up your own English speaking and comprehension skills before imparting your kid with the same knowledge. It is important for the teacher (in this case it would be you) to know a subject well enough to teach.

• If you are from a country where English isn’t the first language, it will be of great help to establish an English speaking and learning routine for your kids. This routine should have regular and short sessions where your kids engage with the English language under your supervision.

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• It would be wise to make your children watch cartoons or kids television shows in English. Even if your kid does not comprehend it in the first go, he or she will eventually have a better understanding of the language and will feel more acquainted with it.

• One of the best ways to facilitate learning and improving your kid’s English is through games. Games keep the kid more involved and interested in the entire learning process. Many indoor games including flashcards are proven to be great for learning the language. A variety of games are available on flashcards that your children will love.
There are a variety of online games available that can help to improve your child’s English. These games are fun and very educative.
Classic board games like snakes and ladders and monopoly can also act useful.
A wide variety of word games are available on mobile phones as well. For example, jumbled words and Hangman. Using these games will prove to be very constructive as your kid will have his favourite thing in the world (mobile phone) and will also learn alongside.

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• Stories have always been a medium of imparting knowledge since time immemorial. Fluency in language can also be established by stories. The best method to do so from an early age is to read bedtime stories to your kid when they are not of reading or writing age. When they are, encourage them to read in English as much as possible. No dictionary can improve a kid’s English vocabulary better than frequent and careful reading. The art of storytelling and the child’s own interest in reading can act as a great entertaining tool for learning English.

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• Songs and nursery rhymes are another way to achieve the goal of proficiency in English in your kids. You can use YouTube to introduce your kids to different nursery rhymes and children’s songs in English. These musical verses are usually catchy and informative. The poems with AABB rhyme scheme will quickly latch on to your kid’s mind and instantly make him or her more familiar to the language. These songs and rhymes often carry a moral message as well. It’s a win-win.

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• Set the language setting in all the gadgets at home to English. In this digital age, kids often play on tablets and PlayStation. Hence, it will be beneficial to use all these gadgets with an English language setting.

• Converse with your child in English. Choose a particular mundane activity on a day to day basis and converse in English about it. If your kids are getting ready for school, talk to them about the entire process of getting ready in English. Frequent conversations in English will also improve your kids’ confidence regarding speaking the language on their own.

• While specifically teaching English to your little one, always start with basic numbers, the name of colours, their favourite toys, animals and food. Giving a personal tinge to their language education can help them grasp better and memorise easily.

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• Use art and craft as a medium for English education. Creative activities open up a vast scope for learning new languages and words. Converse with your kids while asking them to paint or draw various objects they perceive. This will engage them in an entertaining way and also facilitate their English education.

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun with your kid while teaching them the English language!