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How to make adoption an option

How to make adoption an option

“Adoption” is a word that generally comes to our mind when all the methods of conceiving have failed (which is extremely sad) and not when we feel we want to become a parent. The prejudice involved around this word is immense. Innumerable questions flood our mind which may or may not be true. For us, our children are our legacy, and we want to leave a good legacy behind us.

Are you sure that you are going to have an obedient child? No, we can never be sure of that. We can only try to give our child the best childhood. Why not give it to the child born in our heart- the adopted child- the destiny’s child.

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I am glad nowadays many singles are opting for adoption whenever they are ready to become a parent. The joy of becoming a parent should occupy our mind more than what the society will think.

Many things come naturally to you when you go through the whole nine months of anticipation. It makes you a parent overnight, but to become a parent of an adopted child we need to overcome the apprehensions surrounding it. We have to open our minds and hearts to this.

Even the child has to suffer in many ways, he has to face inquisitive eyes of neighbours, relatives and sometimes peers too. The child is also put through a lot of questions.

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When you adopt a child; you may not know his family history, medical history and his temperament, but you will surely know that you love the child and every step you will take is for his better future. You will be able to have a family while also helping the child. Both the parties will definitely take time to bond well with each other.

Adoption helps in giving a child a proper upbringing. Family life is not meant to take us away from God, but to bring us closer to him.

Our visits to orphanages to share happy moments with them leaves them with the desire to be in a family. Rather than opening up our wallets, let’s open our hearts to welcome them into our lives. You will be blessed with a child you have been longing for so long.

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Parenting is hard. Adding adoption to the mix makes it even harder. But don’t panic! If it’s happening to you, it means that it’s happened to someone else. Which means there’s information and resources. You are not alone. You can learn how to parent an adopted child.