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Improve Communication Skills and its effect on child’s development

Improve Communication Skills and its effect on child’s development

Even in the Digital Age Kids to need to improve communication skills. Here is a brief guide!

With the onset of the age of digital communication, relations and in person communication have been strained a lot. When it comes to growing children it has become even scarce. They tend to keep themselves busy with gadgets and do not think to improve communication skills for future.

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Communication and Raising Children: 

Raising a child means raising the future of a community. In this process every aspects has its importance. We have to discipline them, we have to guide them and we have to be their friends as well. Communication is one tool that will never go out of fashion when it comes to sharing your happiness and sorrows with your near and dear ones. To improve communication skills is to improve a big part of your life. The world has become open and very small for the children to explore and experience.

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Early Age Communication: 

We as parents have every responsibility in double. We have to be our children’s conscience-keeper and we have to be strict to inculcate good values in them. For that, we need a proper flow of communication with our children.
This has to start at an early age. We have to keep the flow of communication happening when they coming from school or from the play-ground. This is to understand what the child is thinking or processing in his mind after meeting different people. With so many changes happening around us due to the digital developments, the child has to be fearless to discuss any topic with their parents.

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Teenage Communication: 

Try fixing a time when both the parents and the child have a gadget-free time to discuss their day. This will help to increase parent-child bonding and improve communication skills. Especially when the children are in their teenage. The peer pressure is such that they do not understand the right from the wrong. At this point, we need to have an activity between parent and child which will enable them to discuss their fears and their reservations about anything.
I had started an hour-long walk with my child when she was appearing for her board exams. This walk became helpful in deciding her career. It gave confidence to her that no topic can not be discussed with me. be it about boyfriend/girlfriend, the pressurising peer group deciding about her look or her weight, her dilemma of which friend is or not trustworthy, everything. I became her 4 am friend.

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Treat Them Like Adults at Times: 

Between the ages of 10-18, it is difficult to find a good friend out of all the classmates. They have trust issues as well when they see that the friend he/she considers good is becoming a friend of the person he/she does not like. When the teacher he adores is favouring another child. At this time, if your child can share his/her thoughts with you, he will be sure that it’s not going to be discussed anywhere else. Then his/her trust in you will increase and he/she will be able to discuss any trivial topic with you. It is wise to invest a minimum of 30 minutes every day with your child and both parents can take 15 minutes each.
You also have to share the experience of the day you had, this will give them the confidence of being an adult with whom you share your burdens. This will prompt him to share his ideas, dreams and failures. As it is said, sharing is caring. The more we share our happiness, our failures our sorrows with our child he/she understands that he can do the same.

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This does not mean that you have to be a sugary friend to them. This means that you can make them understand the habits you want him to adopt for a better life. When we keep a regular communication with our children, they also become confident human being. They know that they have a support system at home even if life is better or worse in the outside world.

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