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Successful Indian Mompreneurs’ stories

Successful Indian Mompreneurs’ stories

In India, the concept of Mompreneurs is gaining popularity and giving an edge to the concept of entrepreneurship.

“I am a woman, what is your superpower!?”

Mothers around the globe are emerging as starlight, a force to reckon with. There is absolutely none such field where women are not emerging as a powerhouse and carving out a niche for themselves. Be it in a corporate environment or in the entertainment industry or media industry or any other you can think of. Women are becoming their own boss. It is actually becoming an age-old tradition when women were forced to lag behind owing to their pregnancy-related woes in their pursuit to climb the highest ladder of success on a professional front. Some of these women so beautifully epitomize the title of ‘superwomen’. They are not just excelling in all their duties on the professional front, but, they are no way putting aside their personal duties and responsibilities that they have to fulfil towards their kids and family. They are spelling wonders of absolute perfection wherever and whatever path they choose to tread on.

Truly these women are perfect examples of the boss lady and a conniving leader. Here, we have brought and compiled for you the list of such wonder women that is all you need to fill your day with the glorious light of inspiration and motivation to start your own startup journey head on.


  • Suchi Mukherjee– She doesn’t need an official introduction, she is today an international fashion icon and founder of multi-billionaire fashion e-commerce website Limeroad. Before starting out her own new venture, she was actively involved in scaling up new benchmarks in her jobs at eBay, Skype, and Gumtree. The person who actually inspired and drilled this idea into her head of starting out her new venture was none other than her son Aadit, during her maternity leave. She realized that there was absolutely no place in India where one could access the array of amazing and quirky fashion antiques. While she knows that there are many ‘mom things’ that she somehow ends up missing in her bid to become a successful businesswoman, but besides, being a successful and doting mother that she is, she has been able to master the art of dealing with people.

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  • Meena BindraBiba Apparels– Meena Bindra didn’t let her early marriage clip her wings to reach the zenith of success in the sphere of entrepreneurship. She is certainly one of those untamable and unstoppable women who have to achieve whatever they aspire for. She started her small tailoring outfit for women’s garments from her Mumbai home. With both her sons away in school during the day, she decided the plunge and started BIBA, with absolutely no turning back. She is now 71 years old. During her stint as an entrepreneur too, she didn’t let her professional commitments deter to play the most important and cherished role of her life, the role of a mother. She was present every time whenever her sons needed her the most. Today, BIBA has emerged as a leading market brand in women’s ethnic wear market.

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  • Mehak Mirza Prabhu– Mehak Mirza Prabhu, is one of the most popular open mic storytellers. Her life has been roller coaster ride since the age of 19 years when her entire family met with a brutal accident and she instantly grew up. Her all dreams of higher studies were shattered into pieces. She has been a sole owner of her father’s ad agency since that time. She has launched a website which serves as an online storytelling platform Jhumritalaiya, a blogger at Half Baked Beans, an emerging Delhi based publishing giant, and a mother of a cute daughter too. Being a single mother, she has been an inspiration for many including her daughter and other artists in her niche. Women are not just powerful but extremely creative and talented and she stands as an epitome of this phrase.







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  • Jimmy Kaul, CEO, Shopotox: She is undoubtedly a woman of substance who was inspired by working women since her childhood days.

“I was so intrigued by this whole idea of women doing absolute wonders while juggling between different spheres, no matter how hard to handle it seems to some. Though, the decision to start something of my own wasn’t really a piece of cake, especially when I had a toddler to handle. But, I decide to have another baby which was my venture and I knew it equally needed my full-time attention. Because, having a family, motherhood and career building are all interrelated, and if you have patience and willingness, nothing is impossible.”





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  • Ratna Chadha: CEO, TIRUN– Being an entrepreneur, she has had flexible working hours which helped her to tend her children while managing through gruelling working hours. Her kids were sent to boarding school and during holidays, all her time would be reserved for her kids only.

Everywhere moms are the new boss, not just a home lady anymore!