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Is parenting a job?

Is parenting a job?

One of the tough questions for all moms.I feel parenting is more than a job.In fact, it is a bliss binded with responsibilities, hard work, and immense care.We can change our job if we are not satisfied with the current one.

Parenting is not like that.Rather it is for a lifetime.When we are in a job we have a boss.A job requires your qualifications, identity proofs, you have to get through the interview process etc..Parenting doesn’t need any of these.It’s a decision which the couples make.We can take a break from the job if we feel tired.But in parenting a child’s needs and comfort comes first though we are tired.The job is a sign of status and people go to jobs to earn money.But parenting is not like that.In fact, parenting makes our life colorful and meaningful.The child brings the real meaning of our life.When our child achieves something, of course, our contributions are behind it.The happiness we get when our child succeeds in something is indescribable.

I still remember me walking like a zombie after sleepless nights and nonstop cries, after my son is born. Although we experience many difficulties, we also get to enjoy their smiles, coos, kisses and the precious moment when they call us ‘MA’.WhenI faced many sleepless nights, I used to think when will my kid will grow and go to school.Because when kids attain that age all potty training, non-stop cries will be over.But when my son goes to preschool now, I really miss his presence around me.So I feel each and every phase of your child growth has to be enjoyed and done.Because we cant get these time back.So enjoy each and every phase of parenting.When your kids are grown up the house will be clean, you cant see things scattered in your house, you no longer see their naughty behavior.Your babies will be all grown up and on their own.Enjoy the mess, naughty deeds, and their tantrums too.They are babies only once.

I left my job after my son is born as my son needed my presence.My friends used to say me u have plenty of free time as I am a homemaker.I used to say them I have the most important responsibility of bringing up my son which is the more than the job they think.
Parenting is similar to growing a plant from seed.We need to nurture the seed with water and fertilizers etc and only then we can enjoy the fruits of it when the plant is well grown into a tree.We need to care the plant when its small.The same logic applies to parenting.Kids are like seeds and then once they reach the toddler age they are like plants.We have taught them everything from potty training, eating habits, dressing ways, good manners, how to think, how to be friendly etc…When they are grown up into a good boy/ girl, that’s the biggest success every parent gets on their parenting journey.

“Which profession deserves the highest salary and why?”.This was the question asked to Manushi Chillar.She replied “A mother deserves the highest respect.It is just not about cash but the love and respect that you give to someone.My mother has been a huge inspiration.It is the mother’s job that deserves the biggest salary.”As she told mother’s role is important in everyone’s life because of the love she showers on her kids.Parenting is far more than a job.So enjoy the parenting journey and raise your kids.