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Junk Food Addiction in Kids: How to Curb?

Junk Food Addiction in Kids: How to Curb?

“Junk Food Addiction is Something That Must Have had a Tremendous Impact; Both on the Parents, as Well as Kids.” 

Kids, of almost all age groups, have had a hard time trying to in keeping themselves from junk food. Once, they indulge themselves out of impulses in the habit of consuming junk food, like pizza, burgers, aerated drinks, fries, samosas etc. on regular basis. There is absolutely no turning back.

Their regularity only leads them to the path of addiction. Once they get addicted, their aversion to healthy food becomes a subject of worry for parents. They start putting unreasonable demands before their parents about how they wish to eat pizza or noodles even at the time of lunch, dinner or breakfast and how much they loathe to eat veggies and something healthy and nutritious just because it tastes not as good as junk food.
According to the survey conducted at the University of Michigan, highly processed foods can lead to the classic signs of addiction.

Effects Of Eating Junk Food Addiction in Kids - like Pizza, Burger etc.
Effects Of Eating Junk Food Addiction in Kids – like Pizza, Burger etc.

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“Some of Those Most Common Signs are the Loss of Control, Tolerance and Withdrawal.” 
It can even lead to more detrimental impacts such as obesity in adults. Popular Bollywood starlets such as Arjun Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Sonakshi Sinha have worked tremendously hard to get back in shape what they lost owing to their extreme junk food addiction. Arjun kapoor, for quite so long during his adolescence phase battled through obesity. Before venturing into Bollywood, he had to work extremely hard to tone himself and shed those extra kilos. His obese body also lead him to other drastic psychological disorders such as anxiety, and severe depression and self-loathing.

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You can clearly see, how everything seems to be interconnected. Obesity can be the biggest cause of so many physical and psychological ailments, that we might not be able to write down in a single blog post.
Kids are always more prone to addiction than adults because their brains are not developed enough to control their impulses. While the latter do not easily succumb to the temptations.
The bottom line here is, “the more the kids are exposed to junk foods early in life, the more problems they are setting up and inviting up for themselves for the later part of their lives.”
As parents, sometimes we fail to control ourselves and our willpower, so expecting the same from our kids might be too much at once.
Overindulgence of kids can’t be curbed and controlled overnight.
You must be wondering now about the best way to curb the cycle of addiction. We have researched and tried to curate some of the best and effective ways that can help you to control your overindulgence.

How to Curb your kids to Eating Junk Food and Fast Food
How to Curb your kids to Eating Junk Food and Fast Food

• Processed foods and aerated drinks are too irresistible for you?
Then make sure, while going to these shop next time, don’t stock your pantry cart. You must try to avoid the sight of something that arouses temptation in you. Replace them with fruits, juices, healthy bars like snickers, nuts, oats, high fibre biscuits like Marie to break the cycle of addiction. If such food items are missing in your cart and in your kitchen shelves, then after some days kids too will stop demanding.

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• You can make pizza and samosa and fries healthy by using nutritious fillers like lots of veggies and fries soaked in less oil. Make sure that such items are being cooked in your kitchen only during weekends or on some special occasions.
• The most important is imitation. Yes, children are likely to imitate the action of their parents. If you don’t want your kids to eat too much junk food, it’s better that you model healthy eating. Allow children to be picky in choosing new, healthy snacks for the evening.
• Keep a lot of healthy snacks handy. Replace aerated drinks with fruit syrups and juices, Yakult is also a very healthy beverage that you must encourage your kids to drink every day. Because it’s good for their gut.

Junk food addiction in kids
Junk food addiction in kids

These measures can certainly go a long way in keeping your kids’ addiction at bay.
A happy meal can be healthy too! 😊