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How to keep a toddler busy?

A very tough question indeed. Keeping a toddler busy for any mom is really very difficult for a mom is working or for a homemaker, as these kids nowadays get bored very easily.

Some ways to keep them busy

  • Always keep books and toys handy.
  • What type of books and toys should we use?


  • Board books – like of animals, flowers, toys, fruits, vegetables, alphabets etc.
  • Hand Puppet books – make stories and be creative with kids and when they grow up to 3 to 4 years old, tell them to make their own stories and narrate.
  • Finger Puppet books – same like hand puppet books.
  • Cloth books – but I found them a bit expensive and my daughter doesn’t like it much, take one and try.
  • Hardcover books.

All these books are easily available in the market and one can find it online on facebook too. One can also Paperbacker back books. But make sure your baby doesn’t take it in the mouth. With these books, sit with your little prince or princess and enjoy there childhood.


There are a variety of toys in the market these days. For example :

  • Stacking game – very interesting for kids. I preferred plastic one because my child has started throwing things so its lightweight. But with plastic make sure it is non-toxic and your baby is not taking it in the mouth.
  • Alphabets flash cards- it has all alphabets A to Z with pictures of one thing with that alphabet. Take few first and tell your child what’s that then ask him or her. Keep them at a distance and tell them to bring that to you.
  • Ball Spinner – it’s a game where balls are sliding.
  • Numbers puzzles – make sure these are little big and your child doesn’t take it in the mouth.
  • Blocks – you can either take non-toxic plastic or wooden blocks. tell them to make something.
  • Shape sorter – I have this wooden one which has 12 shapes. You have to put each block in each shape.
  • Slate – but make sure you get a slate that has its own pen. So that child doesn’t use that pen on walls.
  • Balls – many types of balls are available in the market, big, small, with light, with sound etc.
  • Musical toys for toddlers we have many musical toys available, but the main problem is cells that we need. But ya they are really nice when played, for example – various singing dolls, a small doll that walks on her knee, these dolls are for girls but for boys we have cars, buses, trains, tractors etc.

Many musical toys are available. make sure they don’t get hold of cells as they are not good if taken in the mouth. Piano, another musical toy that has various animal voices. It is again an interesting one.

  • Clay – another thing that uses creativity. Make different shapes with your child and tell him to her to make their own. You can make clay at home by using flour or buy readymade. I bought one of funskool.

3.Colouring books







Use drop shaped crayons. Big ones which are easy to hold. You can also try water colours.

4.Making cards

Another creative thing. Make greeting cards for family members. Involve your kids like take water colours and make there hand and leg prints and ask them to make a design. Many designs are available online.

 5.Involve your kids in whatever you do

Like if you are making rangoli involve them with you.

Kids at this age need attention and the more they use their mind the more they are creative. At home, we can tell them to do little house chores. Like I tell my daughter to give water (ya but with water, I have to hold her hand as it spills). Then while we are setting the table I tell her to get the plates and kids love doing these things. It is fun for them.

You actually have to involve them in every work you are doing.

In the evening take them to park, play balls with them. Children love swings. Tell them to climb stairs of the slide on their own, you are there at the back to hold.

Sing songs with them, pray with them, sing bhajans. They actually enjoy doing prayer.

Dance with them.

Once in a while, you can show television or poems or rhymes on youtube, but make sure they don’t get a habit otherwise they will not leave television and that’s again a problem.

While eating tell them to eat on their own. Watch their actions and teach them the right way.

Here you see there are many ways to keep them busy. Always keep an eye on them so that they are not doing any wrong thing.

Enjoy with your kids, as kids love that everyone is there with them. Tell everyone at home to spend some quality time with the kids in their own ways.


Sunaina Saxena
Sunaina Saxena
She is a sincere and diligent teacher, who loves to read, write and teach. Besides this, she also loves to travel and cook for her family. She is a French teacher by profession. She has completed her Masters in French from Arts Faculty and Masters in English from IGNOU. She has taught French in various schools and has also worked as a Freelancer French teacher.


  1. Its is really a very good arcticle and truely says all matter of the fact. We all guys are facing the same but through this phase we learn to keep our kids busy.
    Guys keep read and appreciate Sunaina who takes real facts in front of us.

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