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4 tricks to give a good haircut to your baby at home during lockdown

There is a saying that “workers want to do their best, must first sharpen their tools”, if you want to give a suitable and beautiful hairstyle for your baby, it is important to choose a good set of hairdressing tools.

The baby’s hair grows fast, and sometimes the hair quality turns yellow and hair loss happens. Some parents have heard that the baby’s hair will be better after shaving the baby’s hair, so they want to shave the baby’s hair .The fetal hair shaved off by the child is made into a fetal brush for commemoration. 

However, when it comes to haircutting for babies, its quite a task for parents. In many cases, as soon as you pick up the scissors and cut your baby’s hair, the baby will cry a lot. What should I do to get a baby to cut his/her hair? In fact, the haircut of the baby should be skillful. After mastering the skills, the baby will be calm enough to let you cut his/her hair. 

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4 tips to give your baby a good haircut.

1. The choice of hairdressing tools is very important

There is a saying that “workers want to do their best, must first sharpen their tools.” If you want to cut a suitable and beautiful hairstyle for your baby, choosing a good set of haircut tools is particularly important. It is best to use a special haircut tool for children for haircutting. When choosing scissors, be sure to use round-headed scissors to prevent the head of the scissors from inadvertently hurting the baby’s young scalp. The baby is frightened and does not co-operate with your haircutting skills.

2. Don’t give negative hints to your baby when getting a haircut

Dads and moms, you can think about it carefully. When you cut your baby ’s hair, will you always say “baby, don’t be afraid” or “well, well, we won’t cut it”. Your emotions? In fact, if you keep saying such things to your baby ,it will only make your baby more resistant and nervous. Therefore, the best way to prevent your baby from crying when you cut his/her hair is to divert your baby’s attention as much as possible. You can let the mother cut the baby, the father can talk to the baby, or you can let the baby watch the favorite cartoon.

3. Common knowledge of baby haircut

The best time for a baby to get a haircut is 3 to 5 minutes, generally not more than 10 minutes. The length of the baby’s hair is best controlled at 3 to 5 mm. This length of hair can prevent the damage to the greatest extent. The hair of the baby girl should not exceed 1/5 of its height. If the hair is too long, it will absorb too much nutrients. 

4. Always follow this trick

When cutting your baby’s hair , be sure to protect your baby’s ears from injuries. Do not wet your baby’s hair directly with clean water. It is best to wet the comb and then use the comb to moisten hair, which can effectively prevent your baby from catching a cold. After finishing the hair, you can use the wide tape to clear the small hair left on the baby’s clothes or take the baby to take a bath and change clothes.

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