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Cognitive Benefits Of Playing Video Games For kids

Cognitive Benefits Of Playing Video Games For kids

Parents have always been inclined to improve their kids’ mental and cognitive skills which goes a long way in making the kids brighter, sharper and smarter than the rest. Parents do everything under the sun to bring the best out of their kids. Every parent wishes to see their kids outshining everyone in every sphere of their life. Often parents get irritated at the mere sight of their kids spending an ample amount of their daily routine on playing video games and watching cartoons. As parents, we tend to focus more attention on the potential dangers it might pose than on the potential benefits electronic video game can offer.

Video games play a pivotal role in improving the cognitive sharpness of children’s mind. What parents can do is, they must choose and fix leisure time for kids so that their learning hours do not get hampered and they can also avail the benefits of playing video games without getting adversely affected by the overindulgence in video games. Video games can go a long way in ensuring overall development of kids in all areas. In fact, in many schools, educators are resorting to learning methods through video games to supplement classroom teaching and also it helps game developers create games that teach.

• Video games go a long way in nourishing and accelerating the children’s brain development. video games equip the children with the sills to search, negotiate, plan and try different approaches to advance. There are many such games, such as Bakugan: Defenders of the core, involve planning and problem-solving. Video games allow for creative self-expression, deep self-expression, deep understanding of games rules and structure, and new ways of highlighting personalities and interests.
• Video games inspire an interest in history and culture and encourage kids to research and read about things. There are games like Age of Mythology, Civilization, and Age of Empires may trigger a child’s interest in the most dreaded subjects like world history, geography, ancient cultures and international relations. Playing such games can also equip and enable children to design and exchange maps or other kinds of custom content, which makes them tech-savvy and brilliant minded. Their creative and technical skills also get improved over a period of time.

• In contrast to their parents, most young kids see video games as a social activity. The mutual and shared interests of video games enable kids to befriend each other. Even a research study has proved that boys are more likely to feel connected with the people who share similar interests in video games with them. It tends to create a common ground for the guys to befriend others. The awkward social skills and social anxiety too can be cured a great deal with the help of video games. Making new friends becomes easier for them and their social anxiety too gets reduced or toned down a lot.
• The joy of competition: in today’s competitive world, kids need to realize the merits and values associated with healthy competition. They shouldn’t get mad about competing with others but they shouldn’t be completely indifferent about it. To achieve both long term and short term goals, it is pivotal for the kids to be competitive and strive to be better in the efforts they are putting forward; be it on professional or academic front. To excel, they must put effort and video games instil the spirit of victory in kids. Video games are safest havens to release those competitive impulses and even if you aren’t really good at sports, playing the video game can actually enhance your capacity to excel in the game of your choice.
• Leadership qualities cannot be attained overnight, neither any kid is born with it.

Leadership qualities are attained through determination and perseverance and obviously, video games are all that you need to master the art of leading. The team spirit that it instils in a child including the art of persuasion and motivating others and mediating disputes. Online multiplayer games offer teens a rare chance to participate in, sometimes lead, a diverse, mixed age team and it boosts one’s confidence if your team by your efforts manage to win.