History of Holi & 5 Natural Holi colors


History of Holi and 5 Natural Holi colors, Holi celebrated to express devotion, joy, and excitement. Let’s dive into the Holi history and 5 natural Holi colors making

Holi celebrated at the end of winter season on full moon day of lunar month Phalguna, According to Vaishnava Puranas, in the past Demon king called Hiranyakashipu, paid penance(Tapas) for years to receive boon from Brahma which makes almost impossible for anybody to kill Hiranyakashipu

After receiving the boon

Hiranyakahipu grows arrogant after receiving boon from the Brahma, he begins to attack everybody, and ordered people to worship him.

His son Prahalad in disagreement with his father begins to worship mighty Lord Vishnu with immense devotion. After multiple warnings by Hiranya, Prahalad still worships Lord Vishnu. This enraged Hiranya to poisons his own son Prahalad, the power of Prahalad devotion turned poison to ambrosia (Amruth).Disappointed that Prahalad had escaped the death. Hiranya ordered elephants to stamp Prahalad.

Holika dahan

Disappointed by all his failed attempts to kill his own son Prahalad., Hiranya orders Prahalad to sit on his sister Holika’s lap to enter the fire. Without any hesitation Prahalad enters the fire believing Lord Vishnu will save him. however Holika was scared that the fire will burn her. therefore Holika was Carrying a shawl to protect herself from it. the fire later blown-off by the wind and Prahalad life is saved meanwhile Holika carries a shawl to protect herself from the fire which was blown-off by the wind and finally saved Prahalad.

Holi bonfire/Dahan

Holika’s cruel thoughts burnt her to death. thus Holi bonfire indicates the burning/death of all the past memories and baggage of negativity in our life

It marks a new beginning called “Holi”

5Natural & Home-made Holi colors


Reddish-Saffron Holi color


1.Take two medium –sized beetroots

2.Chop them and placed them in a jar, Take half-cup of the water, Grind it and make a paste,

3.Exact the juice and one cup of corn flour to it, and mix it well, 

4.Spread it on a plate and allow it to dry


Yellow Holi color


1.Take a cup of turmeric add ¼ the cup water mix it well

2.add half a cup of corn flour to it  

3.Spread it on a plate and allow it to dry


Green Holi color


  1. Take a cup of coriander leaves add water placed it in a mixing jar and grind it well
  2. Exact the juice add ½ cup of corn flour, mix it well
  3. Spread it on a plate and allow it to dry


Gogu Puvvu (Butea Monosperma)


  1. Take a jar filled with Butea(Gogu puvvu), Spread them on a plastic sheet for three consecutive days in sunlight, 
  2. Allow them to dry, 
  3. Take dried Butea, crush them into a powder. add the crushed powder into 5litrs of water and boil it.
  4. Turnoff the flame after you achieve the desired color



1.Take a cup of red cabbage grind it ,add 1/4th cup of water, 
2.exact the juice, and add ½ cup corn flour to it
3.Allow the mixture to dry by spreading it on a plate

Natural Holi colors are “Good 4 u”:

  • Supports skin health by reducing the free radicals which causes skin breakage, acne and pimples et.al
  • Yellow color ( Turmeric) is an anti-bacterial, which improves the immune system to fight against various viruses
  • These home-made colors are natural and are safe for all age groups

Celebrate safe & eco-friendly Holi