Home Parenting Kids These geeky DIY’S for your little, adorable nerd are pure delight

These geeky DIY’S for your little, adorable nerd are pure delight

These geeky DIY’S for your little, adorable nerd are pure delight


“In this blog post, we have curated some of the most ‘Nerdastic’ DIY’S that will keep your geeky child engrossed and will only make them fall in love with this magical world more.”

Ice-cream stick animal bookmark: Roaring lions, growling tigers, mischievous monkeys, clever cats, hissing snake, lazy pandas, sweetest cows, cunning wolfs. Wait, “did I just bring back a lot of Panchtantra memories?”
Now, get those interesting creatures that we all have grown up with on these ice-cream sticks and convert them into some creative bookmarks.

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Your geek station tools supply:
• Colored popsicle sticks and craft papers. You can use the variety of craft papers say glaze papers and thick, glittery papers, and creative stamps. You can pick up stamps according to a theme you wish to create. Say, galaxy theme, starwars, fantasy, fairyland, Disneyland, a lot more can be explored. Your geeky, wonder kid can never run out of creative ideas. So, let them explore themselves and pick up the one they relate with the most.
• Glue and colourful markers.

Get started:
• Say, to create a lion shaped bookmark, color your craft stick all in yellow.
• Draw circles on the body.
• Cut a circle shape from yellow construction paper or say you can use a yellow lion stamp also to do away with the needless hassles and stick it. It’s ready! Tan tanaaaaa.
• Now the jungle king is protecting your dearest possessions (books) from any predators who refuse to return your books timely. 😀 claim what is yours and Lion King will be your warrior.
In a similar way, you can create N number of creative bookmarks, such as these by using emojis, and any such creative stamps available in the market.

Harry Potter quill: Harry Potter has been a mascot for nerdy kids and for nerdy millennials like me. When I watched the movie for the first time, I was so fascinated with Harry Potter newspaper, letters, quills and other such absolutely wonderful stuff. You know, you can create the one by using your simple ball point pen. Already wondering how?
Allow me…..to steer clear all your doubts!

(Image credits: Pinterest)

Your geek station requirements:
• Black paint
• Large feather
• Water
• Superglue
• Pen
• Scissors
• Small plate
Get started:
• Take your ball point pen and remove the plastic tube with the ink inside.
• Take your feather and cut the tip of the bottom.
• Get a skewer or small long stick and insert it inside the feather trying to go all the way up the feather.
• Keep doing this until you have made an opening.
• Cut the pen from the edge if it’s too long.
• Uncap the superglue and put a dot glue on the end of the plastic tube with the ink inside ‘pen’.
• Insert the plastic pen into a feather and hold it until the glue is dry.
• Once the glue gets dried up, it is good to be used.
• This quill pen is good enough to be used for writing, drawing and calligraphy too.
• You can also paint the feathers in lovely, vibrant colours, such as golden, bronze, silver, brown, golden brown, rose- gold etc.
Comic strip cool bracelets: This is spectacular idea for a kid or a teenager who is obsessed with marvel super hero series and comic strips.
These funky bracelets can also be used in themed superhero parties.

Here’s what your geek station need:
• Browse through your upcycled comic books and find images that are appealing to you and you can relate to, and try to fit in the width of the bangle.
• Sharp scissors
• Nail polish/modge podge.
Get started:
• Using really sharp scissors, cut off the section from a plastic water bottle.
• Cut strips of some comic books, upcycled paper or patterned papers that are wider than the bracelets. Make sure that you like the pattern/image that shows before gluing. Trim the excess paper off.
• Apply thin and even coats of clear nail polish on the inside part of the plastic bangles. Work in small sections and make sure to smooth out the paper with your finger as you go. Let it dry. Once your comic book paper is glued and completely dried on the bangle, apply a thin coat on top of the just glued paper to seal and protect.
Geek dishes (LOTR, STAR WARS, ZELDA, more):

All your geek station essentials:
Clear glass plate
Dishwasher safe mod podge (yes, this is a thing!)
A paint brush or sponge
X-acto knife

(Image credits: Google)

Get started:
• If your dishes will only be decorative and not used for eating, you can just use regular mod podge decoupage glue. We knew we’d want to actually use our plates, so even though we don’t have a dishwasher safe formula seemed a little more appropriate for regular washing.
• Google search your favourite fandoms. Start with images of the lord of the rings and the legend of Zelda maps.
• Keep collecting these images and print them out on 11 cross 17 paper.
• Center the plate on the print and mark where the edges of the plate are. Cut slits in your paper. Glue the print to the flat part of the plate.
• Clean the bottom of the plate and lightly coat it with Mod Podge.
• Make sure that your print is centered.
• Push the paper down and let it dry for at least 15 minutes.
• Done and dusted.

Try these super quick and awesome DIYS to satiate the nerd in you!