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Laurel Springs School Introduces Online Registration for Part-Time Students

Students enrolling in single-course or part-time study invited to register for classes through new online platform.

Laurel Springs School, a leading pioneer in online K-12 education, announced that online registration is now available for students in Kindergarten through grade 12 who want to enroll in part-time study. The new tool allows students to search by subject and grade level and includes filters for courses approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and University of California (UC). Students may choose courses that fall within the school year or summer sessions at Laurel Springs.

“The success of our part-time students is important to us at Laurel Springs, and we are proud to offer an online registration tool that provides added convenience and accessibility to the enrollment process for families,” said Diane Coraluzzi, Director of Student Services and Admissions at Laurel Springs.

Online registration is currently available for part-time students only, allowing for enrollment in two full-year courses or four semester-long courses per student.

“Students may come to us for single-course or part-time study for a number of reasons, and we want to streamline their educational experience,” said Megan O’Reilly Palevich, M.Ed., Head of School at Laurel Springs. “As they pursue their academic goals, these students can rely on Laurel Springs to provide them with the quality curriculum, flexibility, and support that they need.”

Families interested in learning more about Laurel Springs are encouraged to visit the school’s website or contact the Admissions team.

About Laurel Springs School
Laurel Springs School is a fully accredited private online school offering a challenging K-12 academic program that engages global learners and values students as individuals. Our school is designed for the college preparatory student who wishes to grow and excel academically and personally while maintaining a flexible schedule. Laurel Springs has an outstanding record of placing its graduates into selective colleges and universities of their choice in the U.S. and throughout the world.

To learn more about Laurel Springs School visit www.laurelsprings.comp


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