Life- A Book of Experiments and Experiences


Life is a book of experiments and experiences, till we achieve our final destination.

With the folds of success and failures, a man walks his path on with the footprints of memory. A relationship does not count on time we spend with each other: be it with parents, spouse or being a parent. But it does on how much we understand the relation or a person.
Parenting is such an important relation. A mother bears a child for not complete nine months but her whole life. She has an extraordinaire persona with infinite powers. Her touch cures; her hand is a perfect sensor to detect the change in her child. Age doesn’t matter. A mom is a solution to and for every situation.


Earlier, fathers were the only bread earners of the family. But now the scenario has changed. In today’s updated version, even grandmothers are earning. The positive side is quite good but to flip the coin, children are dependent, be it emotionally or companionship. Gadgets are becoming new friends; blogs are news-sharing grounds. It is very alarming. But, an independent and a sensible woman balances. A bond matters a lot to survive. If only at a young age a child is made to understand the meaning and importance of being independent, it sails smoothly. A child knows how to cope up with the situations, only then he is emotionally strong. This is nurtured by a mother at a young age: much before he could calculate the mathematics of life.


A mom either at home or work, does not have to look at the tick-tock for the completion of her task. It’s in her “mother- software”. The prevailing sixth sense is in abundance. Her horsepower energy lasts till her breath continues. Someone has rightly said, it takes six weeks to get back to normal after you had a baby: but they don’t know is that once you are a mom “normal “is history. So last but not the least, a mom even though she has stepped out of doorsteps, is considerate and will always be with her placenta.



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