Home Parenting How to make your child smart without investing much on learning toys.

How to make your child smart without investing much on learning toys.

How to make your child smart without investing much on learning toys.

Parents of this Generations are extremely worried about the right growth of their child. They blame too much on how he/she reacts and responds. The mommies I meet always say my kid is shy, moody, introvert, cranky etc. They work too hard too stressfully in making their child come up better. But also giving your one hour daily works wonder to them.

All you can do is rather than giving expensive toys which kids usually get bored of too quickly. Give them your precious time and dance with them in the rains. All they need is your time and presence. It doesn’t mean just sitting and taking them to the mall. It’s more about talking to them like you do to your friend, give them ownership and freedom to take little decisions.

1. Get Involved
Play as much as you can with your child. Rule one for that which is really hard is to put your phone away. Don’t talk on the phone or check your phone when you are playing with them. This breaks the flow and learning. It is your personal bonding time. The easiest thing you can do is involve them in whatever activity you are doing and involve them. Don’t think they are too young for it. For example- if you work in Kitchen and they want you badly instead of pushing them away, give them a little bit of safe thing available to do a task or show them how you stir or put spices, show them colors of spices. Give them plastic jars to fill in something. You can involve them in many ways.

2. Read Books
This is the best and cheap way to make them smart. Picture books are the best one to do read-aloud. Every Story must trigger them with something every time. In other words, ask questions, get inside the plot, change the story, play pretending games and sing the story too. Give them this beautiful gift and they will thank you for life.

3. Morning Walks/Nature Walks
Early morning walks can be so full of knowledge and brainer for them. Start with collecting fallen leaves and talking about them. Let them find ladybugs, squirrel, and insects. Simple jog and run is so much fun with them. You can hop, skip, tiptoe and also play hide and seek. This makes their brain works faster and more effectively.

4. Junk Drawers
You always have few drawers with messed up and not in useful things. Hide them and ask your child to look for them. Make it interesting by giving them ideas and clues to find.

5. Pretending Games
Pretending Games works very well. Try becoming their baby, ask them to bathe you and feed you, pretend to go to a Party together with all the toys, eat yummy food and sleep together. Take turns, ask them to be a baby or a teacher. Turn your room into the forest one day or an ocean another. Its so much fun for them. They will keep asking you again and again.