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Mom Blogging: Let It Bleed!!!

Mom Blogging: Let It Bleed!!!
Mom Blogging
“Just let it bleed to make yourself free
Grab it up and let it bleed.
Let it unfold your heart
Set it to work for things you cannot speak.”

Your Pen!!!

Yes, buddies, it’s the best way to let yourself go

Scribble down everything you feel, just go with the flow.


Flashbacks that make you laugh, the ones that make you young

The thoughts you have loaded on your memory trunk.

The feeling you once lived and now you refrain

Fabricate them into words and live them again.

Work and family – the whole days’ task

Give it a break, just wear a ‘Me Mask‘.

Let it be a song you love, or just a thought so close

Ink it down, fill the paper with the depth of your heart.


Whip up all the emotional drama of that time to loosen yourself up

Kick it all off to your pad and chill yourself with a coffee mug.

Connect to your inner self and unfold your thoughts

Get engrossed in it, lure it out on a paper, shed it all Guys, and do give it a shot!!!

Pinfolding your soul will make your day, light and hay

You’ll find yourself more productive and positive all along the way.

It’s better to fill the paper and not your brain

Bottle up all the negativities and let them drain.


Give that push to the pencil, not the people around

Till the time you have turned your frown upside down.

And that sense of solace you’ll feel on your face

Start it today Mommies, just make your own space.

Single unique stroke of insight is worth your time

Encourage yourself, take some time out, just to love you!!!


“When words haunt you or a nostalgia you have to keep,

When all you want to do, is weep, weep, weep,

Smile, bleed it on paper and just sleep!!!”