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The hardest part of being a mom

The hardest part of being a mom

‘You’ll never understand a Mom until you are one’

Thinking of a mom what everyone remembers is carrying the baby within, letting it out, the pain, the pregnancy bellies, the sleepless nights, the feeding issues. And then the journey with their juveniles begin their growing up, their food, cries, smiles, toys, comfort and every bit of it. Then with one more year added their schooling, their studies what not a mother has to deal with. And for a mom, every next year is a bigger challenge than the previous one. Definitely being a mom is hard, it’s a roller coaster that every mom swings with pride. It’s not at all a cake walk, it’s a transition that not only makes their kids learn and grow but it changes a women’s identity. Being a mom is an amazing experience full of joys and triumphs — but it’s not without its challenges.

The challenges may include finding “me time”. As you are never off duty and there is no time for you to relax. Or it could be Bringing up a teenager with the right mindset. When your child is sick or hurt and there’s nothing you can do about it breaks your heart. Every moment it’s their young ones on their mind and a worry that if they are doing it right or not.

Chapters of motherhood end and begin, but making off springs understand that their mom is right and could never even think of anything bad about them, is the hardest of all. Great things never come from a comfort zone, they come up by all the efforts and discomforts you put in. This nobody realizes until they themselves are parents. From brushing your teeth twice a day, to giving time to study, go to the bed early, putting off the screen, taking out time for your loved ones, the homemade medicines, to being well mannered, to the basic concepts of loving and living, kids are taught everything but they have their own ways of enjoying lives and can never get to know the feeling of a mom. And when they are caught in the same situation themselves they then only realize the importance of “MAA”.

Moms are the forever well-wisher of the child. Motherhood is not just giving birth to a child, it’s all the experience that speak!! Perhaps immediately after motherhood begins, the universe relinquishes a mystical power that makes moms all-knowing. As you get older you learn to appreciate your parents more. You start to understand the purpose of the lectures they gave, the lessons they taught you and the words of encouragement they so often provided. She has done everything within her grasp to provide her lifelines with a nurturing environment, invaluable life lessons, and good morals. Thank you, mom, for loving unconditionally and putting all your effort into raising us.