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Embracing Motherhood

Embracing Motherhood

Motherhood has taught me the meaning of living in the moment and being at peace. Children don’t think about yesterday, and they don’t think about tomorrow.

It might be physically impossible to count the ways a mother expresses her love. Where loving warmth meets a teachable moment, that’s where you’ll find a mother, confidently wielding her superhuman ability to be everything you’ll ever need. With a knack for adapting, she goes from teacher to comforter to selfless giver in a matter of minutes—an awesome thing to witness.

To be very honest, every single day with the little champ is a new experience. And every experience is different and unique. I was blessed that I could give my 100% to my baby in his first 6 critical months and I also got some bonus time period to continue enjoying with him. Those first 6 months have passed 16 months back and he is almost 22 months old now which also means I am a 22 months old mommy as I write this.

Sometimes I can’t believe it though.

There is nothing so different about my understanding of motherhood to what any other mother would ever express. It is just a part of life. But hey – I still feel that one’s feelings on a certain experience are definitely a good food for thought for a new mom to be. The last few months have taught me a few lessons for life. I value my health more now, I worship my body, I have embraced meditation, have started to choose clean menus, most importantly to stay fit and feel free and be my own boss! Well, I was always my own boss until I went through a post-partum depression on which I can throw upon some light in one of my next posts. But yes, every lady will have such unique experiences to share about each phase.
A break from my professional life for a year was indeed a bold decision for me but in return, the last few months gave me more than what I would have ever asked for. I made choices, I took decisions, I planned certain things, failed in many but also succeeded in a few plans, I was also trying to come out of the post-partum at the same time.

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Nevertheless, at the end of each day, my human mind made me compare myself with my peers and contemporaries and this comparison was purely professional. “It isn’t easy to concentrate on work” echoed all those new mothers who joined back work within 6-7 months of their delivery. But when there is a will, there is a way. Nothing really stops you from working, not even your little one. It’s just your mind block. Also, your work need not be proved by your physical presence in some office. It can be any work even from home in which you succeed with monetary returns and/ or satisfaction. Life is definitely a reality check once you take serious decisions for yourself. Every decision is worth taking as every decision has its own pros and cons. In talks with many working mothers, I felt lucky fitting in my own shoes.
Like every other mother, I wished to give at least 90% – 100% of my time to my baby in his 1st year and guess what – I was lucky as I could do it and no regrets about the same. Not every working lady may get this opportunity. With the new Maternity Benefit Amendment act which received presidential assent on 24th March 2017, the paid maternity leave has been increased from 12 weeks to 26 weeks. 8 weeks before the expected delivery date and remaining 18 weeks can be availed post childbirth.
The point why I bring this up here is, it’s amazing the way our government has also been kind to show these concerns. I also salute the women who work and balance motherhood abiding these rules. Nowadays giving time to your child is definitely the new definition of showing Love. It’s a tough job for working parents. On contradictory, that does not mean parents who cannot give much time to their children don’t/ cannot show their love.
After all, it’s just a matter of choice; I chose to give my complete attention to my child as his first year will never return. You definitely want to witness all the firsts. All those who can relate may agree with me. If you choose to do what I did, you may go through a heap of judgements, you may feel manipulated, ifs and buts in your mind may confuse you more and you may also count your professional loss. But you must calm down and answer this one simple question – Have you decided to give up your job for a year? Or have you decided to give this one year of time to your baby when he/ she needs you or your spouse the most? The latter question definitely makes you feel comfortable.

Again it’s just a thought process. I believe there is nothing right and also nothing wrong in doing this! 

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Dr Swati A Yeravdekar is a mommie of an extremely adorable baby boy. she lives in Pune ,India. Her baby is 15 months old and she accepts she has been lucky that she could spend her maximum time with him and witness all his firsts. She has always being conscious about her health and loves to share tips of her pre and post delivery diet and workouts. In her blog she expresses her feelings at every stage of motherhood. She does not regrets for a break of 1.5 years in her professional career but she encourages her age mates to enjoy every stage of their pregnancy and give maximum time to their infants initially. By qualification she is a MBA in Advertising and Ph.D in Branding and promotions from Symbiosis International University. She is an employee of Symbiosis center of Corporate education, Pune.She is also the founder of a corporate gifting company.'Heart for all'. Currently she has resumed work and also throws light upon balance between work and the little one. These blogs are a part of her life as she expresses her experiences of parenting and child care tips. Read, enjoy, share ,Repeat!