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7 Must Have Breastfeeding Accessories For Babies

7 Must Have Breastfeeding Accessories For Babies

While moms don’t really need anything for breastfeeding, there are a few Breastfeeding Accessories that can make the process of breastfeeding a little easier and more comfortable.

Here is a list of Must have Breastfeeding Accessories that can ease the process

  • Breastfeeding pillow

Must have Breastfeeding AccessoriesA breastfeeding pillow helps to get a better latch. It supports the baby and brings it to the level of the breast. It’s comfortable and eases the strain on your shoulders, neck, back and arms.

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  • Nursing pads

Must have Breastfeeding AccessoriesLeaking is common in the first few months after pregnancy when your milk supply is adjusting. Nursing pads or breast pads are accessories which can be placed inside the bra to soak up any milk that might leak from the breasts. They are small disc-like pads which are very light and comfortable to wear. These breast pads can protect your clothing and prevent any stains.

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  • Breast pumps

Must have Breastfeeding AccessoriesBreast pumps remove breast milk from your breasts.  They can be used to collect and store breast milk, relieve engorgement, manage an overabundant milk supply, or stimulate an increase in the amount of breast milk that you make. Pumping also allows you to provide breast milk to your baby if he or she is in the hospital, or if you need to return to work.  Additionally, there are different types of breast pumps available depending on how often you need or want, to pump.

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  • Nursing bra

Must have Breastfeeding Accessories
Breasts feel full and heavy during the first few weeks after delivery when the milk comes in. A nursing bra comforts and supports the breasts and relieves the strain on shoulders and back. Additionally, nursing bras have cups that can be unhooked and pulled down so that it’s easier to access your breasts when it’s time to nurse.

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  • Nursing cover-up

Must have Breastfeeding Accessories for new babiesIf you are uncomfortable breastfeeding your baby in public, these nursing cover-ups can be used for privacy. You can use a simple baby blanket, or you may opt for a more fashionable look with a scarf or shawl. Moreover, there are plenty of options to fit your style and your needs.

  • Nipple creams

Must have Breastfeeding AccessoriesYour nipples might get sore, dry and cracked during breastfeeding. Suitable nipple creams will help them stay moisturized.

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  • Milk saver

Must have Breastfeeding AccessoriesWhile breastfeeding your baby, there would be leakage of milk from the other breast. The milk saver can be slipped into the bra cup on the non-nursing side before breastfeeding. You can suction it to the other side when you’re nursing your little one and let it collect all the milk that would otherwise be wasted.

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While breastfeeding is natural, it is not always easy. These Breastfeeding Accessories might help to make the experience a little more convenient for you. Choose the accessories that seem more suitable and comfortable for you.

We hope you have an enriching experience nursing your baby.

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