My Amazing Mother’s day moments

“10 years, by the grace of God, I have my motherhood being celebrated with my little ones, and hope it goes live long, Amen!!”

Mother’s day is approaching and the hide and seek game in my house has started. Yaana and Dev, both my kids have started their preparations for this Mother’s Day. The gift should be a surprise so no peeping and everything is hidden from my sight. (Though I know much of it, I keep it so unknown). That’s the charm of this week. Both are busy with their groundworks along with their Dad to get some surprises for me. And me, waiting for this year’s surprise to come!!!

Those are such special moments to remember, the whole year you are nurturing your lifelines, this is the day they pamper you. I still remember my First Mother’s Day with Yaana (off course, she was not even 1), but I was the happiest that day. Everyone wishing and blessing me, and the best was when my both the Moms (Mom and Mom in Law) wished me the same. Tears rolled down and when I got that card from my Mom wishing me Happy First Mother’s Day and that reminded me of all the good and bad times with her. All the sacrifices she made for bringing me up, and till now she is doing every bit for me.
And then from that day, years after years, I have had so much more from my kids every year. Not forgetting my daughter’s first card with her handprint and wishes with her broken handwriting. One year she made Maggi in the breakfast, oh we loved it!! Once she ordered some lip gloss and lip-colors. Those are still my favorites. Cards, photo’s, my favorite food, my favorite chocolates, makeup goodies to what all my kids could do of their own, I have received their love in all these ways with unlimited hugs and kisses.
I love swimming, so in 2016, my kids and my husband planned a visit to the water park. Most memorable day of my life. Swimming bags were packed, breakfast ready and I was just to get ready and move. ahhh so much relaxing that was !!!
Last year though we had a family getaway, which was a surprise too, not only for me but also for my Mom in Law and my Sister in Law. We all went to the resort for a day and as always we created wonderful memories of one more very special Mother’s day!! We were all united and enjoying the generations together!!

It’s a day to connect, connect with your Mom, Mom in Law and your Teens!! Make some fond memories and get yourself pampered. So, rest back mommies and wait, your surprise is on the way! Hope everyone of us feels loved and appreciated this Mother’s day.

Have a memorable Mother’s day!!