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How Social Media is Changing the Nature of Friendship!

How Social Media is Changing the Nature of Friendship!

nature of friendship – If I were to define friendship, one word would not have been enough. With time and technology, our relationships have also changed, especially friendship. Earlier, the relationship between friends was very simple. We never showed off our friendships with the BFF tag, or squad goals or with twinning t-shirts. We were actually together till the maximum time and were friends forever.

How to change social media nature of friendship :

Since last 10-12 years, the concept of friendship has completely changed. Today you select your friends according to the number of followers they have on their Instagram. Earlier friendship was built on trust, commitment and values. But with the social media, friendships are now built on the number of likes and comments on the latest pictures.
Social Media is changing the nature of Friendship!
Now your friends can see exactly how much time you spend lurking on Instagram.

The millennials almost live only for their social media. I even know a few people, who claim to get upset because you did not comment on their recent picture. There are a few who share every minute details with the virtual world but in the real world, they easily hide everything. By seeing their latest picture everyone thinks that the entire group is enjoying their dinner. But who knows that behind those picture perfect frames are millions of insecurities and catfights hidden.

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From your graduation pictures to your pre-wedding photo shoots, your friends dress up in their best. You are connected to your friends and their friends and distant friends every minute through social media. But fail to console your bestie, when she needs you the most.
the nature of Friendship!
what about social media? Nobody is a stranger to deep diving into the Facebook rabbit hole.

There, is also a flip side to the present relationships on social media. Unfortunately, within seconds we judge the person and assume that everything is perfect with our once upon a time best friend. We assume from the latest family picture that our best friend is happily married. We assume from the vacation pictures, that our friend is earning a lot and enjoying her life to the fullest. In this presumption, we feel inferior because our life is not so perfect. We start to analyse unnecessary problems in our lives and then suddenly, we hear about our friend’s divorce. The girl we admired the most on instagram suddenly became a victim of substance abuse due to depression. The boy, whom we followed religiously on facebook, has suddenly vanished.

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Yes, social media has helped us stay connected with our old friends but simultaneously, we have started taking friendship and relationships for granted. Sometimes, we are so obsessed to please the people, whom we don’t even know in our real lives, that we tend to ignore the important people in our lives. Try to look beyond those pictures and forwarded messages.
nature of friendship! and social media how to change
Social Media connects you with other nearby Anomo users, .Then, once you’ve found someone you’re interested in, you can chat.

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If you really care for a person, just pick up the call and connect with that person. In the process of making the virtual person happy for a few minutes, you are ignoring the person who is sitting next to you. One thing that really hurts me the most is when you are sitting and waiting for a person and the person is more inclined to spend his or her time on the social media. Social Media should be a part of lives but should not be our life.