How to plan your baby’s first birthday

We have just celebrated my son VIVAAN’s 1st birthday, on 1st April 2018, Yes!! April fool’s day, last year on the same day I had an emergency c session even after a daylong Labour; he popped in the womb .It brings back so many memories, time flies so fast… It’s been a year already…oh my god… I just want to hold on to these memories…

Our baby’s first birthday is an important milestone we have just achieved it, Throwing a first birthday party was indeed an overwhelming endeavor but with a little planning and preparation, everything can go smoothly if planned before few days.

Below I’m sharing my experience and all that we did:

Make sure you include each member of your family in deciding what their wish is and what have they planned, we are a joint family with 6 peps who are always with tons of ideas and bits of advice. What we did is together


We had three main options:
A. At home
B. A restaurant
C. Banquet hall.
We finalized banquet hall. As we have a guest list of 80+ people.

* MAKE A GUEST LIST: We made a guest list starting from the inputs from the head of the family; by doing this majorly all relatives would be listed; followed by the male and then female of the family which helped us in listing friends and then the kids and their friends. After taking all inputs a list of sum around 80+ people were made. Make sure no one is missed.
TIPS: Ask everyone to check the phone book.

Motu patlu
Chotta Bheme
Minions etc
●Jungle book
● Animals etc
We had finalized ‘THE JUNGLE BOOK’
TIPS: If confused let your child decide, you must be thinking what is she saying …how can a year old decide …I’ll tell you how, make your child play a fishbowl game, it would be super easy and fun too.

*DECIDE THE CAKE AS PER THEME:We decided the theme first “the jungle book” than we searched a nice cake design as per theme, ALWAYS opt for semi fondant cakes, as fondants cake are not advisable.
Let me explain:
• Fondant cakes look so beautiful and perfect but it’s too gummy, some cake baker use gum paste along with fondant.
• Fondant will be affected by temperature, humidity, like when cold it stiffens and when warm it becomes droopy and sticky in humidity.
• It’s not pocket-friendly, do not try the cheaper version.
• It’s a sugar dough though pliable but not pleasant to taste, blame my dietitian mind behind it if you wish to, I cheat but not too much sugar.
So choose buttercream or semi fondant. Did you just ask how Vivian’s cake was? 

* DESIGN THE INVITES:I love designing, so I made few designs, keeping in mind the theme. Shall upload the pictures too, then discuss and decide, Write or design something unique so that people get attracted and read the whole thing like we did we selected his cake cutting time same as his birth time 7.47 PM. Make a list of how and when and whom the invites need to send and most important by whom, we again chose my father in law the head of the family to do the honors.

*DECIDE CLOTHES:We decided to make him wear a theme based tee and a short till cake cutting and then got him changed to a sea blue /turquoise nice printed shirt a small informal tie and dark blue pants, trust me to keep it simple and your kid will enjoy.

*DECIDE WHICH PROPS WILL BE NEEDED:If you wish to do something unique you can add props like the hats, the 1st birthday message bars, the selfies flex/ selfie area, tiara/princess crown maker, balloon art, tattoo artists, sketch artist etc.

* DECIDE PARTY FAVOURS:No matter how young, or old, your guests are, everyone loves a goodie bag. But when you’re planning something as special as a first birthday party, it might be the last thing you think about. Luckily for you, we’re all about the party favors. You can get crafty and DIY something special for your guests or you can purchase already put together kits. You can even go the extra mile and personalize them to make sure your bash is an event no one will forget.
TIP: Like we did, we designed a flex that showed Vivaan 1st birthday day and we took pictures of everyone in the party and shared it with them.

* DECIDE FOOD / MENU: Keep food simple – a lot of it will probably end up on the floor anyway! Finger foods work well for both babies and adults, and eating them won’t interrupt play or socializing. Tiny sandwiches with cheese spread (you can cut them into shapes), cubes of mild cheese, cut-up fruit, pasta spirals, and mini yogurts are good options. You can also try animal crackers or graham crackers broken into small pieces. We choose dragon roll and kiwi cooler and for the main course after the cake cutting a very simple option – Pav bhaji and 2 live counters Chinese and pizza and dessert with ice cream keep this too simple like we did vanilla ice cream and topping chocolate sauce along with cake.


• If you wish you can hire an anchor for making kids play games and entertain them, make adults play games.
• You can give gifts to winners.
• Let’s kids dance to nice party music.
• Create a play area for younger kids and hire a person to look at them so that their parents can enjoy the party too.
• Keep a book for the visitor to write their blessings wishes and message for baby, so that when your baby is grown up you can show them the book.
I’ll share what special thing I did for my son I had to send a special email/message to each one who was invited
There are some birthday gifts money simply can’t buy, and one of them is words of wisdom from loved ones.
For Vivaan’s 1st birthday we have asked all our loved ones to write him a letter to be put in a time capsule that would be opened 17 years later. It is the most precious gift we could have ever given to him.”
Please be a part of it and revert to email / what’s app or drop a postcard on our address or give me in the party.I would suggest please do include this in your baby birthday plan too, life is unpredictable, you never know what happens when and for me I want my child to know about all his well-wishers.

Now let me share what I did the whole day and a day prior to his birthday,

• Went through the final checklist
• Gave reminders to cake baker, decorator, banquets hall, event manner.
• Made baby V wear clothes once to check fitting and his comforts.
• Checked my outfit, does it fit in, kept all the accessory and make up ready.
• Packed his diaper bag with –
1. 2 pairs of comfortable clothes.
2. Diapers
3. Diaper rash cream
4. Powder
5. Colic medicine
6. Wipes
7. Soft wash clothes
8. Few paper bag ( for put in used clothes )
9. Black disposable diaper bag
10. Something for baby to eat like fresh fruit chopped finger food size ( pack it 5 min before leaving for the venue), biscuits etc.

11. His Sippy bottle
12. Few teether and toys
• Do not try any different food group so that child’s stomach happy.
I hope this will help you and your family in planning your little one’s birthday party and making it special and memorable. I would love to hear. Do not forget to share if you like this article. It keeps me motivated.


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