Effects of Video Games on Children!


Since its introduction in the tech market, video games have attracted children of all ages. The rapidly growing demand for video games is a live proof to its widespread popularity amongst children. However, the positive and negative aspects of playing video games cannot be ignored. Recent studies have shown some mind-boggling results. Video games have positive as well as negative impacts on children.
Let’s have a close study on both the aspects!
• Most of the video games are creative and pun intended. This offers a chance to nurture the creative potential amongst children.
• It’s a great medium to get rid of stress for children as well as for elders. Video games distract users from their existing stress, providing them with fun and entertainment value.
• Video games are responsible for making kids familiar with technology. They encourage the use of technology more often. It enhances their visual-spatial ability.
• They are also responsible for developing various types of mathematical and engineering skills in your children.
• They learn calculations quickly via keeping the track of scores. It also develops an attitude which motivates them to always move ahead in life to achieve something bigger.

• Playing aggressive games develops aggressive thoughts amongst children, which might reflect in their behaviour as well. This might not be a good sign for the parents as well as the children. Parents do not want our children to be more verbal and aggressive with their peers.
• Addiction to anything excess is bad. Spending too much time on video games might affect studies as well. Lack of concentration and focus is evident amongst children which may lead to a different path.
• Video games are known to encourage desk-bound lifestyle. Children may start developing poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle.
• It is vital for children to spend time on both indoor and outdoor sports. Parents will not want their children to be game addicts at the cost of active outdoor pastimes.
• If kept a Stritch eye on children, the usage of video games, their usage, their overtime may control them to some extent. This may reduce the negative impacts of video games.