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Know Your Parenting Style

Know Your Parenting Style
Parenting Style

Each parent has different Parenting Style of raising their child and there is no one sure fire way to go. Many times we have to use the eclectic approach of combining different parenting styles together to bring out the best in our child.

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Dr. Mansi has over 10 years of experience in the field of counselling, teaching & specializes in child and adolescence counselling, mind-body balance, emotional freedom techniques and brain-gyming. She completed her P.H.D in Psychology- Child Healthcare and her and M.A in Counselling Psychology and M.Sc. in Health Psychology from Nottingham. She has written various research papers. She has worked with Escorts Health Institute and Research Centre, Mindtrack, and Smart Services and is currently Professor of Health and Sports Psychology at an esteemed university in Delhi. She has done training for volunteers in Common Wealth Games, along with Delhi Police Training.