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Parenting Tips for ADHD – A Rapidly Growing Deficiency in Children

Parenting Tips for ADHD – A Rapidly Growing Deficiency in Children

“Because it’s Always Easier to Judge When we are Too Reluctant to Perceive!”

Parenting Tips for ADHD – Our first reaction to a naughty child is judging the parents and upbringing. Till recently (before 2006), ADHD(Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) was not even considered an ailment in India. Even I came to know it as a neurological problem when I read in the newspaper that multiple gold medal winner Michael Phelps suffered with ADHD during his childhood.

That got me intrigued enough in searching more about it.

“Why ADHD is on Rise Nowadays?”

Simple as usual, our hectic lifestyle is one of the reasons along with our bad eating habits. These are not definite reasons but still play a part in how to recognize or identify if your child has ADHD?

Parenting Tips for ADHD
Functional Status in Children With ADHD at Age 6–8

You will not come to know unless he/she starts walking and cannot hold their focus on anything more than five minutes.

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“Nowadays, Paediatricians will also suggest you the tests based on your child’s activities to confirm if he or she is suffering from ADHD or not (based on your feedback).”

So, what to do when you come to know that the child has ADHD (minor or major).

Parenting Tips for ADHD:

Minor ADHD will trouble him in studies and maintaining cordial behavior with others, but the child will be able to focus on sports without any problem.

Parenting Tips for ADHD it's sign & symptoms in children's

With little help (medicine and therapies), children will be able to study like normal children.

“Major ADHD patients will suffer from frequent impulsiveness, destructive behaviour and inability to understand the subjects being taught in the school. Not all these problems can be solved through medicines. You will have to involve professionals to help you raise your child holistically.”

What should be your action plan if your child has been diagnosed with ADHD. First and foremost, you will have to be a full-time mom for some years. Such children will need constant help in their daily chores, studies and even in the parks.

Also, You Have to Regularly Take Him to The Therapists.

You need time and energy to manage all of this. Send your children to outdoor sports classes. Sports help them focus and also it takes away some of the endless energy they are blessed with. You also have to keep inventing activities at home to keep them busy and it should not always involve something which they can only do sitting at some place. During ADHD, more emphasis upon physical activities keep the child focused and improves their attentiveness. Speak to the teachers and tell them too, to involve the child more into outdoor games.

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ADHD children have abundance of energy, we have to keep channelizing it into different things.

 Parenting Tips for ADHD How to Treatment of ADHD in children's
ADHD A rapidly growing deficiency in children

Create a routine and your life will be easy too. Like every growing child, please be careful of their ‘coming of age’. They are known to be impulsive and when they become attracted to opposite sex, they will not understand how to behave or proceed with that feeling.

This is when your child needs your moral support and guidance because at that time your child at its most vulnerable state. make sure you’re offering plenty of it.

All kinds of changes are happening in their body and mind and as it is they are unable to focus on things. They fail to understand their feelings. can’t decide between expressing or suppressing them.

“Regular Counselling and One to One Talk is Very Important.”

You have to keep checking with the teachers too to know their activities in the school. Child will not be in a position to justify why he is doing that, if other children can do something then why not them!

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These are the things which will need outside help too, keep checking with the counsellor about your action plan if any such situation arises.

 children's adhd problem Parenting Tips for ADHD
Children with ADHD move twice as much when learning

In class 8, you should also opt for career counselling to know what your child can focus on happily and what can make him nervous.

Do not pressurize them to focus on the subject they are weak in, instead focus more on their strength, implies; the subjects they can excel and do tremendously well. This is the only key to score great marks and perform well. This will balance the marks in his board exams. You have to understand that your child may not be a 90% scorer, but he has to have the understanding of the subjects he is studying.

“An ADHD child will do better in school if the subjects are of his choice with proper balance of outdoor games till class 12th.”

There is still much to learn about this disease and how to deal with it. More learning will come through the process of dealing with an ADHD child on highly personal levels.

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“Every child is different in his own ways, so the cure or care has to be child specific. You have to be strong to deal with it in a matured way. Anything can go wrong in our life and many things can be corrected too. So, the balance between going wrong and getting it corrected is what we have to focus on.”

Parenting Tips for ADHD
Youngest Kids In Class At Higher Risk Of ADHD Diagnosis

All The Best With the Light of Your life! May They Grow Into a Balanced Person in This not so Balanced World.